Is Breakfast the Latest Casualty of the Cult of Busy-Ness?

Photo: Pexels/Foodie Factor
Saturdays and Sundays may call for adaptogenic pancakes and avocado toast, but when it comes to weekday mornings, a growing number people feel they are too busy to eat. (Add that to the long list of downsides for packed schedules and the constant stress they bring—including everything from migraines and anxiety to sexual disorders.) According to a new trend report by Technomic, not only are more people skipping their a.m. meal than two years ago, their viewpoints have changed, too. "Fewer [people] now say that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, meaning that snacks or beverages could increasingly be considered suitable replacements for a full morning meal," the report reads.

Interestingly, the report also points out that all-day breakfast menus remain popular indicating that people do like breakfast food—when they have time to eat it. So how exactly can someone start the day off right when pressed for time?

One tip from healthy eating gurus is to make sure you're stocked with essentials that make it easy. Nix chef John Fraser keeps Greek yogurt in his fridge so he can get a high-protein start to his day. Or, take 10 minutes the night before and prep some delish, fiber-packed overnight oats to eat when you wake up.

If you still would rather wait until lunch for your first meal of the day, consider this science-backed reason that you shouldn't: It turns out that breakfast eaters tend to be healthier than those who skip an a.m. meal, with lower blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and risk of developing diabetes.

Suddenly, that 15 minutes before work seems a lot more meaningful, right?

If you're seriously pressed for time, you can always grab a protein bar or add some healthy fat to your coffee.

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