This 20-Minute Barre Workout Sculpts Your Forgotten Arms and Abs

One of the things I miss most about pre-pandemic life is my barre class; I loved it so much, and not just because it reminded me of the long-gone days of my ballerina youth but also because a barre workout offers legit benefits for your arms and abs. Barre makes even my most obscure muscles quiver in the "good pain" kinda way, and they're noticeably more sculpted as a result.

These days,  while my legs are at least getting some sort of maintenance work due to regular walks, the rest of my body isn't getting the attention it deserves.

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Fortunately, in the latest episode of Good Moves, Barre3 owner Alicia Sokol offers us bunheads a compelling incentive to step back into our tights. For 20 minutes, she goes through a series of moves designed specifically to work the arms you might've begun to think were only good for typing as well as the abs you completely forgot about.

You don't have to be a barre devotee to participate in Sokol's routine. It's designed for all levels and requires—wait for it—zero actual barres. All you need to order to join in is a mat and a set of handheld weights which, Sokol points out, you could replace with canned goods or water bottles in a pinch.

And while trust me, you will quiver if you want to, it might be comforting to know there's no catty ballerina behind you clocking your timeouts—which Sokol encourages, should that be best for your body. "I just want you to breathe, move, give your body some grace, give it some love, and celebrate all that it can do," she says. "And at the end of this time together. I want you to feel really confident and strong in the body you have right now—today."

She even advocates for opting out of her pace, if need be, and into whichever suits you best. Initially, for me, that might mean going slow, but with regular practice at this, and other Well+Good barre routines, hopefully I'll be in prima shape like the good old days, stat. Press play on the video to join me on (an imaginary) stage.

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