8 Black Artists Creating Original Works for Saatchi Art and Society6

Graphic: Jimoko, Sabrena Khadija, Lisa Whittington, W+G Creative
The year 2020 has brought so much Black pain, Black trauma, and Black death. But Black people are doing much more than hurting—they're creating, using art to tell their stories, highlighting the dimensionality of their unique experiences for online marketplaces like Society6 and Saatchi Art.

Both Society6 and Saatchi Art work directly with artists to scale the reach of their work and sell to a broader audience. Society6 is a global platform with artists from over 170 countries that prints artwork on everything from posters to shower curtains. Saatchi Art sells original pieces by emerging artists from over 110 countries. Each work of art is hand-picked by Saatchi curators.

Both of these sites make it easy to discover unique works of art by Black artists. An Saatchi Art, this page shares work from a collection of Black artists. Society6 hosts pages where you can view general works by Black artists, but also allows you to look specifically at art by Black photographers or Black illustrators.

Art by Black artists to buy from Society6

The Girl With a Bamboo Earring, $19+

The Girl With the Bamboo Earring, art by Black artists
Sabrena Khadija

A play on Dutch Baroque Period painter Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring, this piece by Sabrena Khadija features a Black woman wearing a bamboo earring. Khadija is a Brooklyn-based artist who uses her tablet to create digital illustrations. "As an artist and woman of color, a lot of my work is focused on providing visibility to women who identify with that as well," she tells Society6. "I try to contribute to the representation I want to see more of in the art that we consume, so I’m constantly looking for fun, bold ways to create eye-capturing illustrations that can make others feel seen and inspired." Khadija also drew Peace ($19+), which is featured in the main image of this article.

Shop now: The Girl With a Bamboo Earring, $19+

Party II, $19+

Party II
Alexandra Bowman

Alexandra Bowman primarily uses gouache or watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, or digital mediums to complete her work. It all depends on the vibe she's going for. "I’m hyper-aware of representation in our society and know all too well how destructive it can be not to see yourself shown in art and media," she tells Society6. "I grew up in a biracial household and struggled with the idea that I am two races. It took me a while to understand that I can be my own person and define my own identity apart from the boxes and stereotypes that society wants you to fit into."

Shop now: Party II, $19+

Lemon, $20

Lemon, art by Black artists
Loveis Wise

As shown in Lemon, artist Loveis Wise loves to experiment with color. "Color has always felt right to me," they tell Society6. "I’ve always been very experimental with how I use color and color placement." They love creating digital art because it allows them to have every color at their fingertips.

Shop now: Lemon, $20

A Thirst That Can't Be Satisfied, $46+

A Thirst That Can't Be Satisfied
Aaron Ricketts

Aaron Ricketts is a Philidelphia-based photographer, visual artist, and founder/creative director for consulting agency The Ricketts Company. "I draw a lot of inspiration from cartoons or movies but really anything that has surrealist or conceptual elements," he tells Society6.

Shop now: A Thirst That Can't Be Satisfied, $46+

Art by Black artists to buy from Saatchi Art

Harlem Child, $7,400

Harlem Child, art by Black artists
Lisa Whittington

This painting is a self-portrait of artist Lisa Whittington as a child growing up in Harlem, NY. She is currently based in Atlanta. "I am fearless in my art journey and I have to be," she tells Saatchi Art. "I embody a sense of responsibility to document the days of my people, document my thoughts and experiences—and I do it intuitively."

Shop now: Harlem Child, $7,400

Mortal, $2,710

Vanessa Endeley

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Vanessa Endeley is a self-taught documentary and fine art photographer, with a degree in Law from the University of Liverpool, UK. "I am passionate about my art and am greatly influenced by Nigerian cultural identity," she tells Saatchi Art.

Shop now: Mortal, $2,710

Follow, $905

Follow, art by Black artists
Desiree Vaniecia

Raised in a matriarchal home, Desiree Vaniecia's work pays homage to her family and their legacy. She aims to challenge a stereotype of black women constructed by society and the media through her distinctive personal style.

Shop now: Follow, $905

King & Hobart, $545

Lorenzo Diggins Jr.
Lorenzo Diggins Jr.

Lorenzo Diggins Jr. is a photographer, illustrator, creative director, and art book publisher based out of South Central Los Angeles. "As a photojournalist, I am committed to using my work not only to tell the stories of my subjects, but also serve as an opportunity for viewers to tell stories of their own," he tells Saatchi Art. "The common thread weaved throughout my art practices, is a deep value in fostering connection among people."

Shop now: King & Hobart, $545

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