The Top Sexual Audio Erotica Apps and Platforms for You Listening Pleasure

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Whether you’re experienced with the world of audio erotica apps and audio sex stories or you’re simply curious to try something new to turn yourself on, there are so many options worth exploring. And if you’re dubious about audio erotica working for you for whatever reason (like, perhaps you regularly visual pornography to get things rocking), think again. Sexy stories can have a place in your routine, too.

What is sexual audio or audio erotica?

Audio erotica or audio porn is exactly what it sounds like, and it typically weaves in sensual stories that you listen to rather than watch or read. It’s made for those who are sexually aroused by sound—or what is known as auralism—and is “a legitimate sexual fetish,” Tatyannah King, a sex educator and sex coach, previously told Well+Good.

Experts In This Article

According to Sari Cooper, CST, LCSW, sex therapist and director of the Center for Love and Sex, audio erotica apps hit on a sense that many people may not have fully explored. "Many people haven't either identified these senses as opportunities to erotically turn themselves on or have not communicated these to a partner beyond something like: 'Talk dirty to me,' which is not as specific or successful in getting the type of timbre, wording, and drama that really pings those erotic antennae," she says.

What are the benefits of listening to sexual audio erotica?

The pleasure potential of simply listening to sexy and sensual stories delivers, and it’s inclusive for folks of all genders and sexual orientations. While there are people who are enraptured by visuals, it can put a damper on your mood when who you see on the screen doesn’t reflect your own body and identity.  Fortunately, a great strength of audio erotica apps and platforms is that they allow the user to gloriously fill in the blank spaces as they see fit, making for a fantasy in your ears.

Audio erotica can also make an ideal companion for moments of self-pleasure—which is, unto itself, an act of self-care—and while you might be keen on enjoying the sensual audio stories on your own (and the benefits of masturbation), erotic storytelling can also be a shared experience. Listening to audio erotica with a partner can spice up your sex life by sparking new ideas for sexual play and learning more about what turns your partner on, and vice-versa.

How to select an audio erotica app

There are many audio erotic apps and platforms online, but not all are made equal. Your ideal app will depend on what turns you on and whether you’re looking for narrative-driven erotica or ASMR sound clips that’ll help get you in the zone. While many focus around sexy stories, you can also find options that take a more holistic approach to sexual health and include how-to tutorials and expert-driven advice baked into the app. Just keep in mind that these pleasurable add-ons will usually come at an additional cost.

Regardless of your preference, many of the best audio erotica apps, platforms, and podcasts available right now are helmed by folks with a vagina who center inclusive pleasure and sexual well-being as the crux of their goals. The scenarios and stories feature content by creators of all backgrounds and identities, making pleasure both inclusive and accessible. And, to be frank, the sexy voices featured certainly help. If you're comfortable have one, involve your partner, too.

Use this opportunity to explore your own fantasies. "Your erotic life is your imagination—it's yours and yours alone and like a dream you have at night, there's nothing wrong with your dream life," Cooper says. She mentions that using an audio erotica app solo can help someone who is new to the medium build confidence and have free rein to explore their desires.

When trying out an audio erotica app for the first time, she advises setting aside between 45 minutes and one hour of time where you won't be disturbed to explore (a good time to do this may be before you sleep). She also recommends reading reviews and looking through the apps and sites to get a feel for what's on offer. Let that exploration go wherever you want and incorporate it into a routine if you enjoy it; if visuals are part of your fantasy, Cooper recommends modeling a sexy to you outfit to listen and self-pleasure.

So how much do these cost? While many audio erotica apps are subscription-based, many of the apps mentioned offer free trial periods. Some may also be available on existing audio platforms; for example, Dipsea stories are available on Spotify.

Since so many different providers have gloriously been popping up in the space of audio erotica apps, check out the following suggestions that will make you want to press play immediately.

Top sexual audio or erotica apps and platforms for your listening pleasure

1. Dipsea

Dispea is an erotic storytelling platform that lets people pick their pleasure. With pairings like Her + Him, Her + Her, Them + Them, all identities are welcomed and celebrated, to titillating effect. It also offers sleep Dipsea stories, a dedicated wellness section, complete with helpful how-to information, like how to orgasm without sex and ideas of — and guided fantasies.

Cooper says she often recommends Dipsea to her clients who are interested in exploring audio erotica. She likes the wide variety of stories—and folks they center—that are available. "The storylines have a long buildup that contribute to the longer simmering most women are looking for," she says.

Dipsea — $5.00

Dipsea’s library of more than 400 stories is available through a seven day free trial, monthly subscriptions for $12.99 per month, or annual subscription for $59.99 per year of $4.99 per month.

2. Ferly

Ferly is a sexual-education platform that promotes more mindful and relaxed sexual experiences. Intimacy journaling is encouraged, an “explore” page offers a bevy of sexual wellness lessons, and overall, it asks that you slow down and enjoy the ride, with a quick-and-dirty stories section to warm you up. I consider Ferly a solid starter app if you’re still getting used to owning your sexuality.


Ferly is free to download and includes a seven day trial period. A lifetime membership costs £399.99, or about $491.

3. Quinn

If dirty talk is a turn-on for you, I cannot recommend Quinn strongly enough. Most of the stories have a very concrete role-play feel. The app has numerous, well-organized playlists to make finding whatever your fantasy is easy. But, a word of warning on the user-experience front: The clips don’t always instantly play when you hit play, so perhaps try a different option if you’re feeling super-urgent in your quest for pleasure.

Quinn — $5.00

This app offers an unlimited subscription for $4.99 per month.

4. Emjoy

Emjoy is an audio-guided sexual-wellness app, with multi-session lessons focused on things like partner play and asking for what you want. And, yep, it offers a side dish of audio erotica for when you want to give yourself a gold star on a through-the-roof orgasm.

Emjoy — $17.00

This app, which uses an advisory panel of sexual wellness experts to inform its content, costs $16.99 quarterly or $29.99 anually.

5. Audiodesires

Audiodesires is a web-based app that is for women and by women. The platform features an expansive library of erotic audio stories that will carry you to orgasm, whether through masturbation or sex. They also provide a metric to rank the explicitness of stories so you can find the level of sexiness that works best for you. They also have a section dedicated to erotic ASMR sound clips to help get you in the mood.

Audiodesires — $8.00

Members who join this app for free have access to select stories each month. A premium membership costs $7.99 per month and annual membership is $59.88 per year.

6. Femtasy

Femtasy is a platform that features thousands of sensual audio stories with a focus on female pleasure. Founded by real-life partners, Nina Julie Lepique and Michael Holzner, their aim is to fulfill the most intimate fantasies of their listeners. While intended for women, the platform is inclusive of everyone.

Femtasy — $5.00

This app offers a yearly subscription for $4.99 per month, or $12.99 per month.

7. Rosy

Founded by an OB/GYN, Rosy takes a holistic approach to sexual health, featuring personalized wellness plans and a social function where you can connect anonymously with sex experts and other members of the app. It rounds things out with a library of audio erotica, with stories that range the spectrum of intimate fantasies, so you’re bound to find one to resonate with you.

Rosy — $10.00

This app offers plans from $9.99 and was developed by an OB/GYN.

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