15 Best Audio Erotica Apps and Spicy Stories for Pleasure

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If you’ve ever had a partner lick the length of your helix, exhale against the sensitive spot where your ear meets your neck, or accent their touch by gently tugging on your earlobe, you know ears are an underrated erogenous zone. Well, whether you’re looking to orgasm or simply to explore what turns you on, there’s another ear-forward stimulus you shouldn’t overlook: audio erotica apps. Audio erotica is the broad name for any audio content that is sexual or explicit in nature, explains Jess O’Reilly, PhD, resident sexologist with We-Vibe and host of the Sex With Dr. Jess podcast.

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Sometimes called audio porn, audio erotica ranges from saucy stories with intricate narratives, to guided masturbation tutorials. Recorded clips of someone reaching climax, X-rated voice notes, and smutty audio books all qualify, too. No matter which type of audio porn most appeals to you, there are audio erotica apps that can help you explore it. Even if you’re dubious about audio erotica apps working for you for whatever reason—like, perhaps you regularly use visual pornography to get things rocking—these audio erotica apps will prove that image-free stories deserve a place in your routine, too. When you’re ready to turn up the volume of your solo, partnered, or multi-partnered play, read on. Ahead, find 16 audio porn apps and platforms to check out ASAP, in the name of better orgasms, of course.

Wait, what is sexual audio or audio erotica?

While video porn primarily uses visuals to turn you on and literotica leans on words, audio erotica or sexual audio relies on sounds to get you going. It’s made from those who are excited by explicit sounds, explains sexologist and sex coach Jenn Gunsaullus, PhD, author of From Madness to Mindfulness: Reinvesting Sex For Women. (Fun Fact: The phenomenon of being turned on by sound is called auralism).

“Sounds have the capacity to bypass the rational, logical part of our brains and stimulate more primal areas of the brain associated with desire and arousal." — Jenn Gunsaullus, PhD

“Sounds have the capacity to bypass the rational, logical part of our brains and stimulate more primal areas of the brain associated with desire and arousal,” says Dr. Gunsaullus, supported by a 2023 study published in Behavioral Sciences Vol. 13. So sounds can immediately evoke a visceral response in us. Plus, with just sounds to go off of, sexual audio allows those who have an active imagination to use their own brains to draw up the characters and otherwise fill in the blanks, she says.

Audio erotica apps give people an opportunity to add in the sense that they might otherwise overlook, says Sari Cooper, CST, LCSW, sex therapist and director of the Center for Love and Sex. Many people haven't identified sound as an opportunity to get turned on, or have not communicated to their partner that sounds turn them on beyond something like: “Talk dirty to me,” Cooper says. No doubt, dirty talk can be hot, but “it is not as specific or successful in getting the type of timbre, wording, and drama that really pings those erotic antennae as audio erotica is,” she says. Makes sense!

What are the benefits of listening to audio erotica apps?

Simply put, there’s one main benefit to listening to audio erotica: pleasure. Cranking the volume on sexy and sensual stories, breathy moans, and dirty directionals delivers some serious pleasure. Plus, most audio erotica apps are inclusive of folks of all genders and sexual orientations. There is also less wiggle room for getting turned off with audio porn than there is with visual porn. Even people who are enraptured by visuals and usually enjoy video porn can have their desire dampened when the people on screen don’t match their own body and identity, or that of their romantic partner(s). Fortunately, a great strength of audio erotica apps and platforms is that they allow users to gloriously fill in the blank spaces as they see fit, conjuring a fantasy in their ears.

Audio erotica apps also give pleasure-seekers access to sexy sounds they might not otherwise have access to during self-pleasure, an act of self-care. After all, unless your partner is game for phone sex while they’re away, they can’t dirty talk to you when they aren’t in bed with you! Audio erotica apps can help someone explore their desires, says Cooper, as well as build confidence in their sexual self in general. To be clear: While you might be keen on enjoying the sensual audio stories on your own (and the benefits of masturbation), erotic storytelling can also be a shared experience. Listening to audio erotica apps with a partner can spice up your sex life by sparking new ideas for sexual play and learning more about what turns your partner on, and vice versa.

How to select an audio erotica app—plus, how to use it

There are many audio erotica apps and platforms online, but not all are made equal. Selecting your ideal audio erotica app will depend on what turns you on and whether you’re looking for narrative-driven erotica or ASMR sound clips that’ll help get you in the zone. While many focus on sexy stories, you can also find options that take a more holistic approach to sexual health and include how-to tutorials and expert-driven advice baked into the app. Just keep in mind that these pleasurable add-ons will usually come at an additional cost.

Regardless of your preference, many of the best audio erotica apps, platforms, and podcasts available right now are helmed by pleasure-seekers who center sexual well-being as the crux of their goals. The scenarios and stories feature content by creators of all backgrounds and identities, making pleasure both inclusive and accessible. And, to be frank, the sexy voices featured certainly help. When trying out an audio erotica app for the first time, Cooper advises setting aside between 45 minutes and one hour so that you won't be disturbed while you explore what turns you on. (A good time to do this may be before you sleep, according to a 2023 study.) She also recommends editing your environment so that it supports your arousal in the best way possible. That might mean putting on a sexy outfit, lighting candles, or enjoying a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries.

15 best audio erotica apps and sites for your listening pleasure

So many different providers have gloriously been popping up in the space of audio erotica apps. Below, check out the best audio erotica apps and sites that will make you want to press play immediately.

1. Best audio erotica app overall: Dipsea

Why we love it: Dipsea prioritizes queer inclusivity, enthusiastic consent, and safer sex. Plus, many of the stories are voice-acted by celebs you love.

How it works: Whether you are queer or straight, kinky or vanilla, cis or transgender, the erotic stories on Dipsea likely have something for you. An erotic storytelling platform, Dipsea has a range of 10-30-minute stories each with a complete and captivating narrative arc. You can sort the stories by a range of gender combinations, including Her + Him, Her + Her + Him, and Trans & Nonbinary—all identities are welcomed and celebrated, to titillating effect. Alternatively, you can browse by the narrator's accent, as well as topic. Fan faves include “Historical Smut” and “Enemies to Lover.” The app also includes guided tutorials, bedtime stories (called sleep Dipsea), a dedicated wellness section, and a hub for helpful how-to information, like why sex is good for you without orgasms.

Cost: 7-day free trial, followed by $12.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $5.83 per month with an annual subscription of $69.99.

Devices: IOS and Android

2. Audio erotica app with the best user interface: Quinn

Why we love it: The app is well-organized and easy to use.

How it works: Hands down, Quinn is the most user-friendly and best-organized audio erotica app. Aesthetically similar to iTunes, the app has pre-made playlists based on themes (like medieval, name-calling, and underlying devotion) to make it easy to fuel any fantasy. You can also find your next story by scrolling through the trending topics, current top hits, and top voice artists. Ideal for solo sex, much of Quinn’s content features characters who talk directly to you. There is also a section called “for couples," however, which allows you to have a virtual threesome. Heck, some options even allow you to explore cucking without actually bringing in a third! Given that there are thousands and thousands of sexual audio recordings in the app, you’d be wise to take some time to really explore the library. If you find something you like, hit the “Favorite” button and it will automatically get added to a playlist just for you.

Cost: 7-day free trial, followed by $4.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $3.99 per month with an annual subscription of $47.88.

Devices: IOS and Android

3. Best audio porn app for beginners: Ferly

Why we love it: As much a sexual education platform as an audio erotica app, Ferly is a great pick for people just starting to explore their sexuality.

How it works: Ferly is the sexed-up fusion of Rosetta Stone and Headspace. Instead of learning a foreign language, you’ll learn the language of your body. The app offers a bevy of sexual wellness courses, such as “Sex After Trauma,” “Body Confidence,” and “Body Mapping.”There is also a library of articles on everything from cumming to communication. Through the Relax tab, there are also a series of guided self-touch recordings, as well as a subset of romantic—but still slightly rowdy—sensual stories.

Cost: 7-day free trial, followed by $14.06 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $6.60 per month with an annual subscription of $43.27. A lifetime membership costs $432.80.

Devices: IOS and Android

4. Best audio erotica app for LGBTQ+ folks: Emjoy

Why we love it: The most gender-inclusive audio erotica app, Emjoy allows you to search stories by tags such as “Her + Her + Her,” “Them + Him,” “Them + Them,” and more.

How it works: Emjoy is primarily marketed as a sexual wellness app. For good reason: It features a “Well-Being” section where you can get access to audio-guided lessons on things like asking for what you want, attachment style, erectile dysfunction, living with endometriosis, and anything else you wish you had learned during sex-ed. The app also has a “Stories” side, however, where audio erotica is the main course. There, you can search stories based on gender, spiciness, sexual activity, and relationship dynamics. Notably, there are more gender combinations and greater sexual activity diversity amongst these stories than those available on other apps.

Cost: 7-day free trial, followed by $10.99 per month with an annual subscription of $131.88. You can also get lifetime access for $59.99-$79.99.

Devices: IOS and Android

5. Best sensual storytelling app for women: Audiodesires

Why we love it: A web-based app that is for women and by women, most of the stories featured on Audiodesires focus on what the woman (or women) wants.

How it works: If you want to know how to orgasm fast, Audiodesires features an expansive library of audio erotica stories that will carry you to a glorious finish, whether through masturbation or partnered sex. They also provide a metric to rank the explicitness of stories so you can find the level of sexiness that works best for you. As an added bonus, you can sync any sex toy made by sex toy manufacturer Lovense to the audio stories. Doing so will allow you to experience vibration patterns that have been curated to help you literally feel every detail of the story you’re hearing.

Cost: Members who join this app for free have access to select stories each month. For more stories, members can spend $7.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $4.99 per month for an annual subscription of $59.98.

Devices: Website

6. Best audio erotica platform for solo play: Femtasy

Why we love it: A kink-friendly app, every time you plug headphones in and fire up Femtasy, you’ll be able to let go of sexual norms.

How it works: Femtasy is an audio erotica app that was founded by real-life partners, Nina Julie Lepique and Michael Holzner, and has been maintained by 30 sex-positive kinksters. The app’s aim is to help listeners fulfill their most intimate fantasies, whether that be to explore Domination or submission, handcuffs or handkerchiefs, or group sex or consensual non-consent. As the name suggests, this app was made for women, but it is inclusive of everyone.

Cost: 14-day free trial, followed by $13.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $7.92 per month with an annual subscription of $94.99.

Devices: IOS and Android links through website

7. Best audio erotica app for couples: Vibease

Why we love it: The Vibease app allows you to sync your Vibease vibrator with the audio erotica app.

How it works: Vibease is a dream come true for long-distance lovers. Not only does that app give you access to hundreds of erotic audio stories, but it also allows you and your partner to chat with one another directly and even exchange nudes. Vibease, for the uninitiated, is a sex toy manufacturer that specializes in app-controlled toys. So, you can sync your Vibease sex toys with the app, which will allow your partner to control the vibrations from afar. Alternatively, you can pair your vibrator with the audio erotica on the app. Doing so will allow you to really experience the story. Heck, you might even be able to have a simultaneous orgasm with the characters in the story you’re enjoying.

Cost: 7-day free trial, followed by $8.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $3.99 per month with an annual subscription of $47.99.

Devices: IOS and Android links through website

8. Best splurge audio erotica app: Rosy

Why we love it: Sexual health is health, and the Rosy app makes it apparent by combining audio erotica and clinical healthcare advice into one user-friendly app.

How it works: Founded by an OB/GYN and made specifically for women with low libido, Rosy is an educational platform that offers users research-backed solutions that’ll get their mojo back. Through the app, you’ll have access to tons of educational videos about monogamy, endometriosis, menopause, fibroids . . . literally anything related to your sex drive and netherbits. You’ll also be able to connect anonymously with sex experts and other members of the app, getting your questions answered by professionals as well as other people struggling with similar issues. Rosy rounds things out with a library of audio erotica, with stories that cover the spectrum of intimate fantasies. Actually, all of the stories are marked as romantic, suggestive, or explicit, based on where they fall on the spice scale, so you’ll be sure to find something that resonates with you.

Cost: 30-day free trial, followed by $9.99 per month.

Devices: IOS and Android

9. Best audio porn app for long stories: Audible

Why we love it: Listening to rook-length romance novels and erotica books is a truly immersive experience.

How it works: Maybe you like playing the long game. Maybe you’re demisexual and need to get really invested in the characters before getting turned on by them. Or, maybe you’re just a die-hard romance reader. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a longer-form, narrative-driven soundtrack, Audible is a great pick. To start, Gunsaullus suggests listening to the book of whatever romance novelist you already know you like. Then, sampling the story to make sure the narrative voice works for you. “Listening to a well-written romance novel that is narrated by someone who is particularly emotive and authentic is a very fun way to experience the arousal of auralism,” she says. A quick note on the app for the unfamiliar: Audible allows users to pay for books on an individual basis, or to get a monthly subscription of “credits.” The latter is a more cost-effective option for people who listen often. One credit equates to one audio book. Notably, Audible has some free reads but popular romance novels will usually cost you.

Cost: 30-day free trial, followed by $7.95 or $14.95 for a monthly subscription, depending on the package.

Devices: IOS and Android

10. Best sexual storytelling app for short clips: Reddit

Why we love it: While some recordings last upward of 30 to 60 minutes, most are under 10 minutes, which makes it ideal for a quickie.

How it works: Given the platform is ripe with trolls, it’s understandable if you’ve made a concerted effort to keep your distance from Reddit up until this point. There are a few subreddits, though, that are far more populated with audio porn than cyberbullies. On the r/gonewildaudio, r/pillowtalkaudio, and r/auralfixation subreddits, for example, real people share audio clips of themselves doing a wide variety of things. Thread posters include descriptions along with their recordings, so you’ll be able to make sure you’re choosing something you’ll actually enjoy. When you find something you like, you have the ability to “up-vote” it, which will help other auralists find it.

Cost: Free to use (must have an account to verify you’re over 18). Premium features are $5.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $4.16 per month with an annual subscription of $49.99.

Devices: IOS and Android

11. Best audio sex story platform for mid-length stories: Lelo

Why we love it: This option allows you to read the story as you listen, which may help with story comprehension!

How it works: If you regularly reach into your bedside table for your favorite sex toy when you’re in the mood, then you’re probably familiar with Lelo. A luxury pleasure product company, most people know Lelo as the manufacturer of popular sex toys like the Dot Travel, Ora 2, Enigma Wave, and Tor 2. Well, the company's website is a small hub of audio erotica, too. Atmospheric and rich in adjectives, all of the sexy stories will get your imagination going. Plus, you have the option to read the stories on the webpage as you listen, which is ideal for anyone who usually uses closed captions. While the site currently only has a handful of stories, they post a new one every few weeks.

Cost: Free

Devices: Website

12. Most user-friendly audio erotica app: iMessage

Why we love it: iMessage, and its voice-recording feature, are things you probably already know how to use!

How it works: If you’re as bad at technology as Lady Gaga is at romance, or you’re just head-over-heels for your honey, keep it simple and use an app that’s already on your phone: iMessage. Sure, you might usually access the audio-recording feature to send a quick note while you’re driving. But you could also record yourself bringing yourself to orgasm with your favorite vibrator. Or, recalling the first time you saw your partner naked or laid hands on them. Really, as far as the iMessage recording capabilities are concerned, the world is your smutty little oyster. Just be sure to check, double-check, and triple-check the message recipient before pressing send. After all, it’d make for a pretty awkward Thanksgiving if you accidentally sent the recording to your parents rather than your partner. *Sweats.*

Cost: Free

Devices: IOS

13. Best audio sex story app for variety: Spotify

Why we love it: Spotify allows you to listen to all sorts of sexy content, including songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

How it works: Yep, you can stream audio erotica from the same app that you stream Taylor Swift. More than just a music app, you can use Spotify to listen to erotica novels and sex podcasts. Many Dipsea stories are available on Spotify, too. Spotify has a great playlist feature that will allow you to keep track of all your favorite recordings in one place.

Cost: 30-day free trial, followed by $10.99 per month for a premium subscription.

Devices: IOS and Android

14. Best audio porn platform for kinksters: FrolicMe

Why we love it: FrolicMe has a greater selection of stories with BDSM, public sex, and threesomes than any other option.

How it works: If you’re like Rihanna and whips and chains excite you, FrolicMe is the audio erotica app for you. The completely free website includes a wide range of kink-friendly categories, including submission, office kink, and voyeurism. If you’re into hentai and fantasy play, you’ll be excited to learn that there are also stories about things like supernatural sex, vampires, and witches. Importantly, all of the FrolicMe audio erotica content is professionally made and, therefore, crystal-clear in terms of audio quality.

Cost: $15.05 per month for a month-by-month subscription, or $6.29 per month with an annual subscription of $75.50.

Devices: Website

15. Best free audio erotica app: Literotica

Why we love it: This totally free online platform allows you to test out sexual audio erotica, without entering your CC info or committing to a subscription.

How it works: Literotica is best known for its steamy stories of the written variety. But actually, the webpage has an overflowing audio sex stories section, which you can access right from the homepage. There is a range of content available, including narrative-driven options as well as straightforward recordings of people having sex. The website is a little clunky to navigate and the audio quality can be a little hit or miss. But all the recordings on the right sidebar labeled “contest winners” are sure bets.

Cost: Free

Devices: Website

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to back up the information we share. You can trust us along your wellness journey.
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