The ‘World’s Best Skin-Care Line’ Just Launched a Supplement That Combats Hair Thinning and Loss

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Augustinus Bader's entire product line works to improve skin and hair health at a cellular level. The brand quickly became known as the world's best skin-care line after its launch in 2018, and stepped into haircare back in October. Now, it's expanding its hair offerings with another game-changing product: The Hair Revitalizing Complex ($125), a daily supplement designed to support hair growth while combatting thinning, damage, shedding, breakage, and loss.

The Augustinus Bader Hair Revitalizing Complex "works by targeting the root causes of an unhealthy scalp and weak, unhealthy hair, which ultimately results in an optimal environment for healthy hair," says Charles Rosier, the brand's CEO and co-founder. There are several different factors at play here, but the biggies, he says, are poor cellular function; a buildup of waste, metabolites, and hormones around the follicle; compromised delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the follicle; and poor nutrition.

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  • Charles Rosier, Charles Rosier is the CEO and co-founder of Augustinus Bader.
  • Shibashish Giri, PhD, Shibashish Giri, PhD, is Augustinus Bader's senior medical research scientist.

To get to the root of these issues, the supplements deliver their ingredients directly to the hair follicle. This, says Shibashish Giri, PhD, the brand's senior medical research scientist, helps clear out cellular waste from the area, leaving you with healthier strands.

"It's important to clean the root of your hair follicles routinely because the root of the hair accumulates cellular wastes, toxins, and other harmful substances every day," explains Dr. Giri. He adds that if the root of your hair isn't adequately detoxified, it can lead to hair loss and subsequently block regrowth. To aid in this "clearing-out" process, the supplements rely on fenugreek seed extract and moringa-derived amino acids, both in peptide form.

The formula also includes scalp-nourishing ingredients that help create an optimal hair growth environment. First up: Vitamin K, which helps regulate calcium buildup in your scalp. "Scalp calcification is a major factor in hair loss, and it happens when the blood vessels underneath the scalp accumulate calcium in their walls," says Dr. Giri.

Next, there's millet extract, which increases the blood supply to hair follicles. This, explains Dr. Giri, allows the delivery of "oxygenated blood and bio-optimized ingredients" to each hair follicle, which "ultimately supports a natural, healthy cycle of hair growth and prevents hair loss."

In a 12-week clinical trial conducted by the brand on 35 participants, researchers found that The Hair Revitalizing Complex increased hair count by 34 percent, reduced broken and damaged hair from brushing by 86 percent, and increased hair hydration by 79 percent.

If you're interested in this supplement, you can buy a jar for $125 (it comes with 90 pills, which should last you a month) or subscribe for a jar to be dropped off each month for $116.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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