Augustinus Bader’s New Sensitive Skin Formula Instantly Soothed My Dry, Irritated Complexion

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I recently had my first experience with professional microneedling, which left my skin dry, flakey, and sensitive. Of course, this came as no surprise considering my face had been run over by a bunch of needles and needed to heal (microneedling works by creating tiny wounds in the skin, and the repair process kicks collagen production into high gear), but it was uncomfortable nonetheless. Luckily, I got my hands on the new Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream ($280) a few days after the procedure, and it helped speed up my skin's recovery.

The Ultimate Soothing Cream—launched today—is the sensitive-skin-friendly little sister of Augustinus Bader's fan-favorite moisturizers, The Cream ($89 to $280) and The Rich Cream ($89 to $280). All three formulas contain Dr. Bader's proprietary Trigger Factor Complex 8 (TFC8), which delivers nutrients to specific parts of your skin cells, guiding them to repair on their own. What makes the soothing cream different is its focus on sensitive skin: It's designed to support overstressed, dry, irritated, itchy, or uncomfortable skin, and helps it to self-repair at a cellular level.

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  • Dr. Augustinus Bader, MD, biomedical scientist, physician, and founder of the eponymous skin- and hair-care brand Augustinus Bader

Thanks to fatty-acid rich ingredients like evening primrose and black cumin seed oils, The Ultimate Soothing Cream has a higher lipid profile than the other moisturizers in Augustinus Bader's line. Lipids essentially work like cement to heal the cracks in your skin barrier and restore moisture to your complexion. Applying them topically can be particularly helpful in treating sensitive or sensitized skin, both of which are characterized by a weakened skin barrier. Because the formula has more fatty acids than its predecessors, it can potentially calm, smooth, and reinforce the skin barrier more quickly.

Also on the ingredients list? Totarol, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient from New Zealand that's considered a super antioxidant; vitamin B5, which is hydrating and plumping; and niacinamide, which brightens the skin while increasing firmness and protecting against environmental aggressors.

In addition to helping calm skin, this cream can also help manage wrinkles and discoloration. In a 12-week user trial comprising 105 women ages 18 to 70, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation were each visibly reduced by nearly 80 percent.

Slathering The Ultimate Soothing Cream, I felt like I was giving my dry (and somewhat angry) skin precisely what it needed. It soothed away redness and delivered a hefty dose of moisture and nourishment without leaving behind a greasy finish. It's great for anyone whose skin has been temporarily sensitized by using too many skin-care ingredients, getting a sunburn, or, like me, are recovering from a skin treatment. So if you're managing skin sensitivity or in need of expedited repair, it's truly the perfect formula.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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