Summer Skin Needs One Thing: Avène Extrême Cream

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When it comes to winter skin care, we know our daily routine needs a little extra TLC, especially on the hydration front. The cold air and dry, indoor heat can leave our skin feeling wrung out, flaky, and itchy. Derms usually recommend doubling down on hydration to keep dry skin at bay. But come summer? Skin care is a whole different ballgame, which is why Avene Extreme Cream ($38) gets namechecked... a lot.

Caren Campbell, MD, a San Francisco- and Napa-based dermatologist, says that the spike in humidity that happens in the summer can make it difficult for our skin to evaporate water, leaving us feeling slick and sweaty. “For some people, sweating can cause more eczema or irritation of the skin,” she says. “Bacteria and yeast on the skin can overgrow, causing outbreaks and rashes.” Not great news, ya know? Since you have to be picky about choosing a face cream to avoid overdoing, it's important to pick a lightweight, soothing daily moisturizer that won't clog your pores.

While some summer creams load up on emollients and humectants, Avene's Extreme Cream is a total minimalist. It’s formulated with only seven ingredients, making a top choice for those with sensitive, ornery skin. The hydrators it does contain are all airy and lightweight, so it actually absorbs into your skin, rather than just sitting on the top.

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“The hydrators that stand out in this amazing formula are glycerin—a super humectant—squalene, which strengthens the skin barrier, and safflower oil,” says New Haven-based dermatologist, Mona Gohara, MD. “These three together ensure that water is drawn into the skin without evaporating out.” The gentle ingredients are key to maintaining the levels of healthy, organic bacteria and fungi that already live on our skin. “Glycerin and squalene help to keep the skin barrier and microbiome healthy by using hydrating, not harsh ingredients that ensure the microbiome can remain unaltered,” says Dr. Gohara.

A tiny bit goes a long way after a nice, bubbly cleanse in the morning or at night. "I personally use it after my retinoid at night because it is hydrating but respects sensitive skin," says Dr.  Gohara. "It’s wonderful for patients who have rosacea, acne, eczema, and or those who just want to solid cream to add radiance to the skin." If you're heading outside, just be sure to pair it with some SPF. The right amount of hydration is great for summer skin, but it doesn't beat protecting your money-maker from the sun's strong rays.

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