The French Drugstore Brand Derms Swear By for Quenching Even the Most Dehydrated Skin Is 20% Off All Week Long

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A decade or two ago, the term "empties" wasn't about using a product to the last drop, but rather, dermatologists packing vacant suitcases to take to Paris to fill with skin-care crèmes, mists, and waters from brands like Bioderma, Biafine, and Avène. Nowadays, the globalization of skin care means that you can snag each of these brands stateside—and this week, the latter is on sale for 20 percent off with the code SINGLESDAY.

At the heart of each Avène product is thermal spring water that becomes rich in trace elements, silicates, and microflora as it moves through the Cévennes Mountains over the course of a 50-year journey. The unique composition of the water has been rigorously studied by the brand in over 150 clinical studies, contributing to bettered acne and eczema conditions. 

As we approach the cold, treacherous winter ahead, Avène's products offer a soft, cashmere-like resting place—the Jenni Kayne sweater of skin-care products, if you will. Derms have put these products through the wringer, and they’re here to share the six that they can’t live without. Consider your body cocooned from head to toe, no matter how dry winter gets. Just remember to stock your cart before the sale ends Monday, Nov. 13, and to use the code SINGLESDAY at checkout to save. 

Avène, Hydrance Boost Concentrated Hydrating Serum — $31.00

Originally $39, now $31

Providing over 48 hours of hydration, this watery, hyaluronic acid- and niacinamide-packed serum keeps extra dry skin happy in the most extreme conditions. “I love this serum from Avène,” Mona Gohara, a New Haven-based dermatologist, previously told Well+Good. “It not only works for [already] hydrated skin, but it also soothes the tightness and discomfort that is common with dehydrated skin, thanks to the brand’s best-in-class healing helper: thermal spring water.”

Avène, Cleanance Cleansing Gel — $29.00

Originally $36, now $29

This soap-free cleanser manages to find a strong grip on dirt and grime without sucking all of the water out of your skin. Thanks to a combo of thermal spring water to soothe, zinc gluconate to reduce redness, and milk thistle to shrink the number of blemishes, Dr. Gohara calls this “a fantastic option for those with sensitive or allergic skin that is still prone to breakouts.” You can use it below the neck for body breakouts as well, thanks to its generous, 13-ounce bottle size.

avene tolerance control
Avène, Tolérance Contrôle Soothing Skin Recovery Cream — $31.00

Originally $38, now $31

If the National Eczema Association puts its seal on a product, you’d better believe that product gets to work. Eczema-prone skin is some of the hardest to keep smooth and supple, and this moisturizer continually wins awards for its ability to soothe the most aggravated complexions. Housed in a sterile tubing system, this cream is concocted without parabens or other preservatives, which can irritate sensitive complexions. Postbiotics help to calm on contact, while thermal spring water hydrates and codifies grouchy skin.

Avène Cicalfate+ Hydrating Skin Recovery Emulsion
Avène, Cicalfate+ Hydrating Skin Recovery Emulsion — $31.00

Originally $38, now $31

The fall and winter are laser and microneedling seasons because the UV index has finally dropped (though, importantly, not gone away altogether). If you have any procedures on the books, snag a tube of this now. “It’s a great product if someone has just sensitive skin in general. That’s because it is formulated with ingredients that are not as likely to irritate or cause allergy in the skin.” Ivy Lee, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Pasadena, California, previously told us.

Avène, Tolérance Extreme Cream — $31.00

Originally $39, now $31

Formulated with a mere seven ingredients, this product only takes the less-is-more mantra into account when it comes to its ingredient label. “The hydrators that stand out in this amazing formula are glycerin—a super humectant—squalene, which strengthens the skin barrier, and safflower oil,” Dr. Gohara told us. “These three together ensure that water is drawn into the skin without evaporating out.” The result? Plump skin that’s hydrated and healthy—no matter the season.

Avène, Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream — $32.00

Originally $40, now $32

For those with reactive and sensitive skin, it can be a game of minesweeper to guess which products will and won’t cause a skin reaction. “Unfortunately, there is no standard definition of hypoallergenic,” Dr. Lee told us. “The last time the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed this term was 1975.” However, it’s not all doom and gloom; she loves this extra-rich moisturizer from Avène (there’s a lighter one if your complexion skews slightly oilier, too). It contains a blend of shea butter, a patented lipid blend, and microspheres that trap the thermal spring water for a timed release, meaning your skin will be glowing all day.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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