Get Ready: the Next Avocado-Infused Snack Could Be…Oreos

Photo: Thinkstock/BW Folsom
Oreo is notorious for coming out with some pretty wild flavors (Swedish fish mash-up, anyone?), but rarely is the cookie brand inspired by anything health-related. Well, get ready to pour yourself a nice, big glass of (nut) milk ready for dunking: The latest flavor in the works includes your favorite healthy fat. That's right: Avocado Oreos could soon be hitting the aisles at your supermarket.

The brand launched a social media campaign, #MyOreoCreation, asking followers to come up with their own unique flavors. According to AdWeek, some of the fan favorites include carrot cake, salted caramel, unicorn, pineapple upside-down cake, popcorn, and yes, avocado. And this wasn't just a publicity stunt (though it certainly isn't hurting anything): Oreo is making test-batches of the aforementioned ideas (among others, like mermaid) and sending them to customers to try.

The big question: Would it even actually taste good?

Whether or not real avocados are being used for the filling remains unknown, but if their other fruit flavors are any indication, it's, well, doubtful. (Sigh.) And then there's the big question: Would it even actually taste good? The reaction on Twitter has definitely been mixed, but considering that chocolate avo-pudding is pretty darn delicious, chances are, you wouldn't hate it.

So if Oreos are jumping on the healthy-fat fruit's bandwagon, along with yogurtpizzachocolatecocktails, and well, an entire restaurant full of menu items—what's next?

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