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Is Avocado Toast Actually Just “Mushy”? I Don’t Know Anything Anymore After Watching These Kids Try It

Erin Hanafy

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Who doesn’t like avocado toast? You might not like handing over a stack of dollar bills for your toast. You might not like the “toast” part—and choose to eat the keto-friendly “breadless” variety instead. But most people, if they’re handed a plate of the stuff, are going to be pretty excited about it.

But kids? That’s a different story, as this video from the Kids Try series on YouTube shows. And the most shocking thing I learned: There is a future coming where avocado toast is something that “old people” like. Let that sink in.

In the video, several baby foodies did a tasting of the prized go-to dish among millennials, who the host explained are people born between 1981 and 1996. “Those are old times,” one boy says. Ouch, kid.

You really never know what kids are going to say—which is one of the most delightful things about them—or what they’ll like. I mean, have you seen that adorable video where the little girl wants Alexa to play “Baby Shark” right now? And she’s hardly the only one. How can anyone like “Baby Shark” at that level of intensity? Also, Frozen was good. It was fine. But the “Let It Go” hysteria gave me Children of the Corn vibes. (That’s a reference you’ll get if you were around well before the old times of 1996.)

So I was really interested to see how these kids would react to avocado, that healthy fat fave with entire restaurants dedicated to it. Would it be a “Baby Shark” moment of unbridled joy? Or a shocking repudiation of everything I think I know? Initially, it was the latter.

“Ew. Why’s it like so mushyyyy? It tastes like a mushy green bean,” says one boy who, when served an avo-toast with a fried egg on top, said he thought it was a burger. Bait and switch, understandable.

Then two girls, proving again that tiny female humans are usually developmentally ahead of tiny male humans, were all about the avocado toast—with one saying simply: “O…M…G.” And then, one by one, all the other kids were on board. “Mushy” was an outlier, and the verdict was in: Kids, they’re just like us!

So, “old” thing or no, it seems that avo-love spans across generations, giving me hope for our future—that there are ideals that can sustain us no matter how much we fight over politics, or even avocado toast itself. (FYI it’s actually not the reason you don’t own a home, no matter what that millionaire guy says.)

But, here’s a good reminder that these are still little baby children, so we should take their opinions with a large grain of (Himalayan) salt: When the host asked them to guess how much it would cost if they ordered it in a restaurant, one kid said $50. And another said, “Around the hundreds.” Teach them well. Then let them lead the way. Some more work to do on that first step.

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