The Number 1 Way to Eat Avocado, Depending on Where You Live

Photo: Stocksy/Rob and Julia Campbell
Is there any food with more hype around it than the avocado? There are restaurants devoted to it, home decor covered in it. Well+Good even has an entire YouTube series called The Avocado Show. We are a culture that loves a healthy fat.

In the days before Avocado Day (you didn't know that the fruit is celebrated annually on July 31?), food ordering and delivery marketplace Grubhub pulled some data to see just which states love avocado the most. The verdict? While avos may be grown in California, New York is the state that orders the most avocado-centric dishes. According to Grubhub, the Empire State orders 90 percent more avocado dishes than the rest of the country.

Something else that's surprising is that across the country, the most popular avocado orders have expanded beyond just avocado toast. In fact, the breakfast favorite didn't make the most popular order in any region. Wonder what did? In the northeast, sushi stuffed with avocado—like tuna avocado or avocado cucumber rolls took the top spot. In the south, top avocado dishes include avocado spring rolls, shrimp and avocado salad, and lobster avocado rolls.

In the midwest, the most popular avocado dishes are a bit more expansive, including stuffed avocado, avocado smoothies, and fried avocado tacos—all top orders. Out west, orders are adventurous too: avocado curry, avocado egg rolls, and mango avocado salad are all big.

If you're looking to switch up your avocado game, let these regional faves inspire you. Depending on where you live, there are clearly places to order from. And hey, if not, you can always experiment at home. It just might spark the next avocado trend.

Speaking of food trends, this is how they become A Thing. And this is how chef and author Candice Kumai likes to eat her avocados.

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