Justin Timberlake Would Def Approve of Spring’s Most Compliment-Worthy Nail Color

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For some reason, I've always connected the color baby blue with Justin Timberlake. I swear that I read a questionnaire with him in a teen magazine from his N'Sync days in which he said the pastel is his favorite hue. Ever since, the shade has brought me nostalgic, early 2000s vibes, reminiscent of Timberlake's baby blue eyes and matching oversized jerseys that he rocked in his music videos.

After all, if we're on the tale-end of all things '90s, then it make sense that the styles of the early 2000s are now coming into favor. So, much to the pop star's luck, his favorite color of all time is now on trend in the nail polish world (you're welcome, Justin). Lead nail artist at New York's Valley nail salon, Elaine Lee, was just raving about how the hue is uber popular right now. "Deborah Lippmann's 'Leave the Light On' Spring collection is the must-have this season," she tells me. "Each color is neutral enough to go with any wardrobe. Out of the whole collection though, I would say 'Above the Clouds' is a crowd favorite. It's the ultimate pick-me-up flash of pastel."

Above the Clouds ($20) is the baby-est of baby blues that's like the sky on a cloudless spring day. The good thing about the hue is that it can be rocked by all skin tones, and pastels look good with any outfit that you may be wearing. Seriously—baby blue is like a more fun, pepped-up neutral that has endless appeal. Whenever I'm wearing baby-blue nail polish, I always get tons of compliments, and while I've always gravitated towards pastels for my fingertips, this delicate hue happens to be the most compliment worthy of the lot.

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