The Drugstore Baby Aisle Is Secretly the Best Spot for Clean, Affordable Skin Care

Photo: Getty Images/AleksandarNakic
Throughout my college years, I carried around a 27.1 ounce bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion in my backpack 24/7. (Hey! You never know when dry skin may strike.) I made so many friends by offering up a pump of the stuff when someone complained that their hands felt like crocodile skin. Roll your eyes if you will, but I'm here to tell you that baby skin care products work wonders for grown-ups, too.

Walk right on past the "of age" beauty aisle and what you'll find is a treasure trove of pastel-colored squeeze bottles. There's baby powder, of course, which moonlights as dry shampoo; soft as silk wipes to smooth all over your body (not just your bum); and baby oil to grant your complexion a head-to-toe dewy glow. Really, if you aren't already adding all these products to your cart, taking them home, and slipping into your crib—I mean, bed—for an evening of self-care, I strongly encourage you to do so. You'll be gaga for these six products.

6 of the best baby skin care products for adults

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