A Swipe of This ‘Lip Gloss for Hair’ Instantly Makes Strands Silky-Smooth and Mirror-Finish Shiny

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Smooth, shiny hair is having a moment. An emphasis on "glass hair" has permeated the industry of late, and with that has come a proliferation of products that promise a glossier mane. There's lamellar water, which sleek-ifies your strands before you even step out of the shower, and styling serums that promise "glass hair in a bottle" every time you blow dry, but now, we've got an on-the-go option: lip gloss for hair.

Yes, you read that right, and it's somehow even cooler than it sounds. Luxury haircare brand Mela & Kera created a finishing cream, called Balayage Exceptionnel Smooth Ends ($36) that acts like the glossy coat atop your silky strands—much like a lip gloss would sit atop your pout. And just like all the best glosses, it adds immediate shine without weight or grease and leaves a healthy, luminous, lightweight finish.

The formula was designed to breathe new life into hair that's been highlighted or balayaged (hence its name), and can help enhance the appearance of any sort of dry or processed hair. Whether you concentrate it on your ends or apply it a bit farther up the hair shaft is up to you, but the end result is soft and radiant.

Not only will this stuff make your strads look immediately shinier, but it also works from the inside out to offer some long-term hair health benefits. Green caviar and vegan protein penetrate deep into the strand to enhance hydration and strength, while Ricinus plant (aka castor oil) zips up split ends and rose of jericho seals in moisture. As the brand puts it, you can use the "gloss" to "hydrate, polish, and treat dry ends and stubborn frizz" with little more than a single swipe. What's more, the product also provides protection against heat damage and color fading, making it the perfect addition to any styling routine.

At $36 a tube, this is some niche luxury—and also the exact price of a Chanel lip gloss. After trying this myself, I can say that not only does the ‘exceptionnel’ cream live up to its claims, but it also smells heavenly (it reminds me quite a bit of the sultry-fresh florals in Oribe’s Côte d’Azur scent). But don't just take my word for it, because plenty of five-star reviewers agree that this stuff is good. "Smells amazing and after using these products for about a month, I noticed my hair felt thicker and healthier. I can’t stop touching it! Highly recommend," writes one. "Really love the feel and the volume this gives my hair!!!" says another.

So if you’re looking for the finishing touch to polish off your strands, look no further. Lip gloss for hair is here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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