This Omega-3-Rich Banana Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Tastes (and Looks) Like Tropical Sunshine

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Sometimes all you need is a vacation… after a vacation—which is exactly what I experienced a few weeks ago while visiting my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This voyage, to spare you from the entire saga, involved cramming nearly a year's-worth of catching up with family and friends into just a few days. (Is visiting family really ever considered a relaxing vacation? Asking for a friend!)

Don’t get me wrong—there are few things that make me happier than spending quality time with my loved ones, as exhausting as it may be. But in the spirit of honesty, I was extremely relieved to have planned a quick getaway to Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa—just a short drive north of Fort Lauderdale—for the tail end of my trip home. Perfect timing to stave off the post-trip blues and enjoy a few moments of real-deal relaxation.

A calming breath of fresh air

While visiting the resort (which overlooks the pristine, crystal clear waters of Manalapan, a beautiful little town in Palm Beach County), I had the opportunity to recharge and enjoy some much-needed “me” time.

When describing Eau Palm Beach, they say it’s an intimate ocean retreat; a breath of fresh air, a chance to refresh, and the perfect spot to rediscover time—which couldn't be more apropos.


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The hotel sits on a seven-acre oceanfront property that has a private beach overlooking the Atlantic. Being on the East Coast, this means that each morning is blessed with a gorgeous sunrise slowly creeping above the glassy, calm ocean water. On the horizon you’ll see paddle-boarders making their way across the sea or a dolphin cruising by (if you’re lucky).

Frankly, I could’ve spent all day being soothed by the small waves methodically crashing on the shore from the many oceanfront vantage points the hotel has to offer: From my balcony room designed by Jonathan Adler, the “Club Lounge” (that had some of the best *unlimited* chocolate chip cookies ever), or while doing yoga on the lawn were a few of my favorites. That said, I found the most peace connecting with the beautiful outdoors while snorkeling right off the shore with the snorkel gear I picked up from their poolside concession stand—the amount of juvenile fish I saw was astounding and it truly made me feel like a Florida kid again.

A chance to refresh my soul

As a food writer, food is always on my mind—which is fortunate considering Eau Palm Beach had so many dining options to offer. There's a classic steakhouse, Angle; Bōken, an intimate chef-driven omakase experience; and Polpo, which serves Italian cuisine.

To make it: Blend one-quarter cup of peanut butter, one-half cup of almond milk, a half of a banana, one heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseeds (hi, omega-3s), and one-quarter cup of ice until smooth and creamy.

That said, sometimes the simplest of dishes still leave the longest-lasting impression. For me, this time around, it was brunch at Polpo that sealed the deal. Crab eggs benedict, a *smoothie* flight, and a fruit plate with brûléed (!) mango—need I say more? Of course, I won’t leave you hanging without a little taste of what they have to offer.

How to make an easy omega-3-rich banana breakfast smoothie that tastes like vacation

Here’s Eau's simple, nutrient-rich PB + banana smoothie recipe that'll (I hope, so) make you feel like you're basking in the Florida sun no matter the morning.

To make it: Blend one-quarter cup of peanut butter, one-half cup of almond milk, a half of a banana, one heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseeds (hi, omegas), and one-quarter cup of ice until smooth and creamy.

Now, a trick I learned from the lovely team at Eau Palm Beach is why choose one smoothie flavor, when you can have ‘em all? So, from now on when brunch is at my place, I’ll be serving smoothie flights, featuring all the delicious smoothie combinations I can think of so everyone can try them all (and reap their nutrient benefits, too).

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