10 Luxe Workout Staples to Snag From Bandier’s Biannual Mega Sale

Photo: Instagram/@bandier

Tax season gets a bad rap—understandably so, since it requires you to, you know, do your taxes. But the silver (or in this case green) lining of the paperwork that some of us get to enjoy is a bonus of sorts from the government: a tax return. If yours has been burning a hole in your pocket, you could certainly do the responsible thing and save up. But, if you're also looking to splurge a little, you might consider shelling out for a dream vacation or maybe buying new duds at Bandier's biannual Friends & Family sale.

The twice-a-year event is a special moment for fans of the retailer and brand, which tends to stock leggings that sit between the $100 and $200 mark—normally, that is. Because through Friday, April 6, everything (yes, everything) is 20 percent off. That means you can snag a pair of those expensive leggings at a lower price, score sale garments at an additional discount, or grab one of the just-stocked but perpetually sold-out pullovers for a not-quite-so-scary fee.

And if you see something you like, you may want to act fast, since the website actually crashed during the first two hours of the sale.

Find your new favorite (discounted!) luxe workout wear below.

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