How to Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Worthy Makeover for Under $100

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In the world of luxury spa treatments, $100 can get you a massage, a facial, or a sesh in an infrared booth that people are obsessing over recently.  It can also get you an entirely new bathroom that will make you feel like you never need to go to an actual spa again.

It's no secret that WC's have become the latest wellness frontier. Google "how to turn your bathroom into a spa" and you're in for a wild night of research (even Beyoncé has gotten on board, investing in an uber-relaxing clawfoot tub). Considering most self-care practices (dry-brushing, anyone?) go down in the bathroom, the space really does deserve to feel like a sanctuary.

But heads up: You don't need to spend a million bucks to feel like a million bucks. In fact, you can turn your bathroom into a mini wellness-retreat for less than $100. Read on as San Francisco-based designer Christina Higham of Sun, Soul, Style shows you how.

Keep scrolling for the ways to majorly upgrade your bathroom without spending a ton of money.

Invest in spa-worthy towels

Why should the luxury of wrapping up in a sumptuous towel be reserved for hotel stays? “For more of that spa-like quality, update all your towels,” says Higham. "It seems like a small thing, but having them all really fresh and fluffy can make it feel more spa-like.” Bring it on.

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Try stick-on wallpaper

If the thought of painting your own walls is enough to make you want to give up on your bathroom overhaul altogether (no judge, because, #same), why not try some wallpaper? “There are so many great, affordable options out there right now, and actually with the wallpaper that is adhesive or temporary, I've actually put it up myself so it's definitely do-able,” says Higham. Check out these yoga-pose inspired prints for a little fitspiration, or turn your bathroom into a jungle oasis with these plant-y patterns.


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Turn your shower into a full-blown rainforest

If you haven’t hopped on board the shower plants trend yet, it’s high time to channel your green thumb and get growing. “Doing like a sort of cool macrame hanging plant over the shower or in the bath tub can be super cute,” says Higham.

Take it to the floor

Bathroom floors are indisputably the least appealing part of a house, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love too. Check out these "vinyl floorcloths," which you can put over your meh looking tiles to make it look like you’re #livinglarge with marble... without the hefty price tag. Alternatively take the same big-knit blanket idea from your bed and apply to the bathroom mat. Adding this texture can make for a cool focal point in the room.

Light it up

Whether it’s placed with the intention of perfecting your cat-eye or setting the mood in the tub, your bathroom deserves proper lighting just as much as the rest of your home. “Change out light fixtures to get better lighting when you're putting on your makeup, or maybe you use softer lighting in the bathroom to make it more calming,” says Higham. Best yet? It’s actually something that you can do know, with a little elbow grease.

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