Fuel Up for the Day With These 8 Bean Breakfast Recipes Full of Protein and Fiber

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Even before the pandemic (when more people started appreciating their pantry staples), beans have been a healthy dinner MVP. Doctors and dietitians love 'em because they're chock full of protein and fiber. Eating them on a regular basis is also linked to living longer. Oh, and as if that wasn't impressive enough, they're one of the most eco-friendly protein sources out there.

In many cultures, beans are enjoyed for breakfast just as much as they are for dinner. Countries in Asia, South America, and Europe all have their own beloved bean breakfast dishes. If you're not already enjoying beans in the a.m., here are some easy recipes to get started. They're all bound to fuel more morning way more than a muffin or protein bar, too.

Scroll down for eight bean breakfast recipes full of protein and fiber.

mung bean porridge
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1. Mung bean porridge with coconut milk

Equal parts savory and sweet, this porridge is a well-rounded breakfast in more ways than one. Mung bean porridge is commonly eaten in Malaysia and Indonesia not just for breakfast but for dessert, too. One spoonful and you'll see for yourself why it's such a treat.

Get the recipe: mung bean porridge with coconut milk

bean breakfast recipes
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2. Costa Rican rice and beans breakfast

Rice and beans are an uber common dinner in countries around the world, and in many places, the popular pantry duo makes an appearance at breakfast, too. In this traditional Costa Rican breakfast, they're made with scallions, minced garlic, onion, and bell pepper. Then, they're topped with an egg for extra protein.

Get the recipe: Costa Rican rice and beans breakfast 

bean breakfast recipes burrito
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3. Vegetarian breakfast burritos

Eggs, beans, cheddar cheese, and hash browns all get rolled up in a tortilla forming the most perfect breakfast burrito. Add salsa, hot sauce, and cilantro for extra flavor. Layering in sliced avocado adds a satisfying flavor of creaminess, too.

Get the recipe: vegetarian breakfast burrito

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4. Shakshuka with feta

A traditional Maghrebi dish, shakshuka is typically made with poached eggs, tomatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic—and beans happen to taste delicious in it, too. Here, canned white beans are added to a cast iron skillet along with all the other ingredients and then topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Get the recipe: shakshuka with feta

breakfast bean recipes bowl
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5. Curry roasted potato breakfast bowl

Crispy potatoes, soft black beans, a creamy avocado sauce ...this breakfast bowl has so many different layers of texture. It's certainly not lacking in flavor either. The potatoes are roasted with a mixture of curry powder, nutritional yeast, and cayenne pepper while the avocado sauce is made with jalapenos and lime juice. It just may become your new favorite savory breakfast.

Get the recipe: curry roasted potato breakfast bowl

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6. Migas

In Spain and Portugal, migas is a popular tapas dish made with pork, crispy breadcrumbs, and peppers. In Mexico, migas refers to a dish often served for breakfast that's made with crispy corn tortilla strips and eggs. In this take on Mexican-style migas, the tortilla and eggs are combined with black beans cheese, cilantro, garlic, and jalapeno.

Get the recipe: migas 

bean breakfast recipes toast
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7. Baked beans on toast

In the U.K., one of the most popular bean breakfast recipes is baked beans on toast, and for good reason—it's easy and delicious. The key to making the beans tasty is ensuring they're made with lots of flavor. In this recipe, that means going heavy-handed with garlic, yellow mustard, and a touch of maple syrup.

Get the recipe: baked beans on toast 

beans and toast
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8. Garlicky white bean avocado toast

If you like the idea of a beans-and-toast breakfast, but baked beans are a little much for you, try this recipe. It features white beans, which are a bit milder in taste, and couples them with avocado and garlic.

Get the recipe: garlicky white bean avocado toast 

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