Bearaby’s New Weighted Heating Pads Are Like a Warm Hug for Tender Muscles

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There's a growing body of research that suggests weighted blankets are an effective therapeutic tool for treating anxiety, but as a weighted blanket convert, I don’t need to see the receipts to know just how soothing they can be. If you know, you know: the heavy pressure of a weighted blanket feels like a cozy hug after a long, stressful day. As someone with ADHD who deals with episodes of anxiety, my weighted blanket has been a total game-changer, providing relief from the sensory overload that builds up throughout the day and effectively setting me up for a great night’s sleep.

Now, Bearaby (the company behind that gorgeous knit weighted blanket you've surely stumbled across somewhere on the internet) is combining all of the benefits of weighted blankets with the pain-relieving, muscle-soothing power of heat therapy in their new Warmables collection, a head-to-toe line of wearable weighted products that can be warmed up in a microwave. Each item in the line comes filled with hundreds of tiny beads made of Terraclay™, a patented biodegradable material that heats up quickly and retains warmth for extended periods of time. The collection includes a weighted sleeping mask (The Dreamer, $49), a weighted heating bottle (The Snuggler, $69), a weighted neck wrap (The Calmer, $69), and a weighted nap blanket (The Lounger, $129).

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Keep reading to learn more about how they work and what we think of them. (Hint: We like them a lot.) 

How Bearaby Warmables work

Bearaby founder and CEO Kathrin Hamm, PhD, explains that much of the inspiration for the Warmables collection came from customer feedback on how they use their own weighted blankets at home. “Half of our customers are coming to us for sleep, but then there's another half that are looking for anxiety and pain management,” says Hamm. “We went looking into which areas, if you bring concentrated forms of weight to them, could help people. For example, migraines: the temples, the jaw, that's where pain manifests.”

The brand consulted with sleep scientists and the American Chiropractic Association throughout the development stage of the collection. For Hamm, it was important that the new line reflected the sustainability ethos and high production standards that Bearaby is known for. In line with Bearaby’s weighted blankets, the Warmables line is plastic-negative, fair trade, and meets the Global Recycled Standard for containing at least 20 percent of recycled materials.

Safety, too, was a primary concern during the development of the line’s Terraclay™ material; hot liquids can be especially dangerous when in contact with human skin, which is one reason why the production team opted to use a solid substance instead of a liquid or gel, says Hamm. Since the Warmables are warmed up in the microwave, you can take and use them in any room, regardless of wall outlet access. “If you want to be able to have that under your sheets and fall asleep, you don't have to worry [about] something plugged in against the wall,” says Hamm.

While it’s hard to choose a favorite from the line, Hamm says The Lounger and The Snuggler have been her two go-to Warmables as of yet. “I'm using The Snuggler the most because I'm sitting a lot, and I'm going back and forth between meetings,” says Hamm.“If I have a really stressful day, if I have sensory overload and a lot is going on, putting [The Lounger] on top of my chest has really helped me.” (Hot tip: Hamm says you can use The Lounger and The Snuggler as a cozy bed warmer. Heat them up, pop them under the sheets, and the heat will spread across your bed while you wrap up your nighttime routine.)

We here at Well+Good decided to put the Bearaby Warmables collection to the test. Below, check out our full, honest reviews. Warning: You might just end up buying them all.

Our honest reviews of the Bearaby Warmables collection

Bearaby, The Dreamer — $49.00

What it is: A weighted heatable sleep mask

What it’s good for: Headaches, migraines, tension, TMJ, sleep

“I lost my previous sleep mask months ago, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new one. I’m already a huge fan of weighted blankets, so naturally, I absolutely fell in love with the added weight of The Dreamer. It’s just heavy enough to apply pressure directly onto my eyelids without being uncomfortable, and the tiny beads of clay shift weight evenly throughout the mask, blocking out all light in the room.”

“I love that the mask applies pressure on my temples, too; I tend to grind my teeth, which makes my temples extra tight, so having some pressure applied in that area felt soothing. While I understand the reasoning behind the second head strap, I found it a little annoying to take off and put on, especially when I was extra tired and groggy. And while the warming capability was nice, I ended up liking it *more* when it was nice and cool since I tend to run hot when I sleep.” —Amelia McBride, Well+Good editorial assistant



  • Soft outer shell
  • Stays in place
  • Delivers heat and weight while completely blocking light


  • Double strap can make it slightly more annoying to take on and off

Bearaby, The Snuggler — $69.00

What it is: A weighted heatable “water bottle”

What it’s good for: Back/lower back pain, cramps

“I tested The Snuggler and look forward to using it again when I want a bit of extra comfort. This item comes in the shape of a warm water bottle and it’s meant to be used for the same purpose. The soft outer shell feels comfortable on my stomach and lower back, and the clay beads feel well-distributed and give the item a pleasant heft. While it doesn’t get as hot as other hot water bottles I’ve used in the past, I think it’s a great item to have with you when you want just a bit of extra comfort.” —Helen Carefoot, Well+Good lifestyle writer


  • Soft outer shell
  • Delivers long-lasting heat
  • Easy to heat up in the microwave
  • The clay beads provide a pleasant amount of weight


  • Smaller than some other bottles
  • Didn’t feel heat much when just laying it flat on stomach, had to hug knees to chest or lie on top of it

Bearaby, The Calmer — $69.00

What it is: A weighted heatable wrap

What it’s good for: Headaches, migraines, neck/shoulder pain, TMJ

“Being an editor, my neck and shoulders are always locked and tense from staring at my computer all day, which is why I love this little heated wrap—I can pop it in the microwave and then throw it over my shoulders while I type and get instant relief. It’s weighted but not overly heavy so it gets to be uncomfortable or overbearing. If anything, it feels like the weight actually forces my shoulders to relax and chill out a bit more.”

“My only complaint is that it doesn’t stay as warm as I’d like it to over long periods of time—it cools off fairly quickly. It says to only leave it in the microwave for a minute or less, however, I’ve left mine in for a smidge longer to make the heat last longer. So far neither my microwave nor my Calmer has exploded, which is a win in my book!” — Francesca Krempa, Well+Good commerce editor


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be worn in a variety of different ways for various benefits
  • Soothing and relaxing


  • Doesn’t stay hot for long

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