I Tried the Actually-Affordable, Highly-Aesthetic Beast Blender You’ve Seen All Over Social Media, and It’s Officially All I Use for Smoothies

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Soups, smoothies, purees, milkshakes—there isn’t much a solid blender can’t do. But even if you reach for yours daily, there's no denying that investing in a new blender can be costly. Hence why many of us (hi, it's me) have still been using the old college-era NutriBullet up until...recently.

When said "ole faithful" inevitably begins to wear down with age and you find yourself in urgent need of a replacement, let us turn you on to the most compact and reliable blender we’ve met yet, the Beast Blender. Indeed, as the name implies, this ultra-efficient blender is nothing short of a kitchen beast. Don't let the small size fool you, because it really does it all.

Ahead, I break down the pros and cons (there are very few) of this model and why it’s become my absolute go-to for everyday blending tasks, especially when smaller-batch blending projects are on the menu.

What happened when I took the Beast Blender for a spin

First things first, I’ll come right out and say it: I love my new Vitamix Propel Series blender. That said, the bulky piece of machinery tends to occupy waaay more room than I’d like on my already-scant countertop space (major thumbs down). And can’t we all agree pulling out the big ol’ blender when making a refreshing strawberry smoothie for a party of one can feel a bit…much?

This brings me to my next truth—which is that for my no-fuss, pre-caffeine morning smoothies, the Beast Blender is what I inevitably reach for. This came as a major surprise (believe me when I say that I, too, have seen the blender all over every aesthetic vid on BlenderTok). But after testing the blender for nearly two months straight, I can hands-down say it’s most definitely worth every penny.

Beast blender review strawberry ricotta
Photo: Maki Yazawa

The details

I got my hands on the Beast Blender Plus + Hydration System, which typically retails for $195 but is currently on sale for $165. (Run, don’t walk!) It comes in three neutral color options: Cloud White, Carbon Black, and Pebble Grey. I opted for the Cloud White, which has a slightly off-white hue and major aesthetic vibes. In truth, the ultra-sleek appearance is one of the main selling points of this appliance, IMO. (She cute.)

But it’s not all beauty—the Beast's packed with a powerful 1000-watt motor that’s housed in the smooth, cylindrical, and not-bulky-whatsoever base of the blender. And, like I said, it really has a mind of its own. The Beast Blender monitors its blade speed and makes constant adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque. It also gauges the internal temperature to avoid overheating when blending hot liquids.

Moving up: The actual blending vessel can double as a to-go cup. (The Beast Blender Plus actually comes with two, a small and large option.) And aside from the base, blender, and blending vessels, you’ll also find a storage lid, drinking lid, and their signature Beast Hydration System that’s a 750-milliliter glass vessel with an infusion chamber, its own drinking lid, and carry cap. Staying on top of our hydration game just got all the more enticing.

The test run

There are two things I look for in a blender: power and practicality. And the Beast Blender has ‘em both. As I mentioned, I’ve been working with the blender for two months straight at this point, so it’s safe to say that I’ve become very well-acquainted with what it can and can’t do.

My initial trial runs were rather elementary (in terms of blender tasks). First, I made a protein-rich blueberry smoothie, which was perfectly blended with the touch of a button. Smoothie test, check. Then, I made a Greek-style avgolemono soup, which called for the blending of some hot stock, rice, lemon juice, and an egg yolk to help thicken the soup, which didn’t overheat or cause any leaks. Soup test, check.

At this point, I felt confident enough to move on to phase two: Blending heavy-duty ingredients to test the true power of this appliance. This is where Brazilian lemonade comes into play. To make this recipe, you must blend whole lime wedges, which isn’t an easy feat for some blenders. And, you guessed it, it worked perfectly. Mind-blowingly well, for that matter.

Now, let’s move on to the practicality aspect. Part of what makes the Beast Blender so sleek (and minimalist) is that it has only one button. *Cue sigh of relief.*

At the touch of the button, the Beast Blender initiates a one-minute blend program with automatic intervals to achieve optimal blending. Alternatively, you can press and hold for less than one second at a time to pulse ingredients together. I found that both options worked well, generally speaking. However, if you’re looking for more control, then the one-button option might feel a bit limiting in some cases.

All in all, I do find myself constantly reaching for this blender... all of the time. Want to make homemade pesto? Use the Beast Blender. How about a refreshing coffee frappuccino? Yup, the Beast Blender is your BFF. Don’t believe me? See the blender in action for yourself in this whipped strawberry ricotta Instagram post I recently made to top a batch of homemade avocado bread.

@wellandgood This bread recipe might be our favorite one yet! #iamwellandgood #avocadobread #fiveingredientrecipes ♬ оригинальный звук - Яричек

How to make a gut-healthy golden milk smoothie:

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