This Air Fryer Sold Out in Less Than 24 Hours—And Now It’s Back in Stock

Photo: Beautiful Kitchenware; Art: W+G Ceative
Anyone with an air fryer will tell you that they use the beloved kitchen appliance all the time. Hungry for breakfast? Use it to make French toast bites. Need to made your kids a quick snack so you can get through a Zoom call without them poking their little heads in the room?  Crispy sweet potato fries are just minutes away. And of course the air fryer has dinner covered, too.

When you're using a kitchen appliance on a regular basis, it doesn't really make sense to stash it away after each time you use it. But kitchen space is precious; if you're giving real estate to an appliance, you want it to look pretty, right? Well if you haven't bought an air fryer yet, you held out for the right one. An air fryer exists that isn't an eye sore—and it's available at Walmart.

Beautiful Kitchenware Air-Fryer ($89)

beautiful kitchenware air-fryer
Photo: Beautiful Kitchenware

Shop now: Beautiful Kitchenware Air-Fryer ($89)

This sage green air fryer—which manages to look both retro and modern at the same time—is part of the Beautiful Kitchenware line, a collaboration between Made by Gather CEO Shae Hong and Drew Barrymore. (Hey, Drew loves a good air fryer recipe, too.) The kitchenware line actually came out last March—right when we all started cooking way more at home—and the air fryer sold out in less than 24 hours. But thankfully, it's back in stock now, and also available in some other colors as well—"blueberry pie," "oyster grey," "white icing," and "black sesame."

This air fryer is also a little bit smaller than a standard air fryer, which means it takes up less counter space—perfect for small kitchens. Made with a 1700-watt system, it heats up and cools down super quickly. It's also touch screen. For all these reasons, it has a perfect five-star rating from customers on the Walmart site.

Just in case the sheer beauty of this air fryer inspires you to redesign your entire kitchen, the entire Beautiful Kitchenware line products are available in all the colors mentioned above. So if you're in the market for a new blender, toaster, toaster oven, or electric tea kettle (just a few of the 150 products available in the line), you can color coordinate across the board.

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