Every Single Buzzy Beauty Device Celebs Used To Prep and Sculpt Their Skin for the Met Gala

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Back in December, we called at-home beauty devices as one of the biggest trends of 2022, and ahead of last night's Met Gala their popularity was on full display. Stars like Gabrielle Union and Daisy Edgar Jones prepped their skin with tools that instantly lifted and toned their faces so that they could step onto those famed museum steps looking like their most-sculpted selves.

"When it comes to any red carpet event, every makeup artist knows the importance of skin prep for creating a flawless base for makeup," says Vincent Oquendo, a celebrity makeup artist who swears by FaceGym products ahead of makeup application. Beauty tools allow anyone (though, in this case, A-listers and their glam teams) to use skin-transforming tech like microcurrent muscle stimulation and facial cryotherapy to get their skin red carpet ready.

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Below, we rounded up all of the buzzy beauty devices celebs used ahead of the event—all of which you can take home to test for yourself.

Face Gym Pure Lift Face
Face Gym Pure Lift Face — $520.00

Oquendo used this tool to prep Normal People star Daisy Edgar Jones for makup. “To create Daisy’s sculpted cheekbones, I used the FaceGym Pro,” he says. “This really is a genius tool that always delivers. It instantly firms, lifts, and sculpts the skin while giving it a natural glow too.” It activates and elevates your facial muscles with triple wave technology, giving it a firming workout that the brand calls a “non-invasive facelift.”

NuFace Trinity — $339.00

Model Molly Sims used her NuFace Trinty to prep her skin. The device uses microcurrent to improve facial contour and tone while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pro tip from Sims: “If it starts to feel [like it’s] pinching in any way then add more gel to the area,” says Sims on her Instagram Story. “It is so good.”

TheraFace Pro
TheraFace Pro — $399.00

Fiona Stiles used this new tool from TheraFace (same makers as Theragun) to work on Gabrielle Union’s skin. “A theme like Gilded Glamour and a show-stopping Versace dress called for elegant, timeless makeup with a focus on radiant, flawless skin and beautiful tawny tones on the eyes and lips,” says Stiles. “I used the TheraFace PRO beauty device from Therabody with the Cryo attachment on it first to decrease any puffiness and to refresh the face. I especially love using it around the eyes as it’s very relaxing. I placed the Lancôme Advanced Genefique Hydrogel Melting Face Mask on Gabrielle’s face and then used the TheraFace PRO with the Heat attachment over the mask to help the product absorb deeply into the skin.”

SolaWave Advanced Skin Care Wand — $149.00

Celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher used the SolaWave to prep Emma Chamberlain’s skin. The device uses LED light, heat, microcurrent, and massage to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots.

Dermaflash Luxe — $199.00

Lizzo’s makeup artist, Alexx Mayo prepped her skin for Met Gala Monday using the Dermflash Luxe. “I love to start out with clean dry skin and use the lowest setting on the DERMAFLASH LUXE. I gently use downward strokes to remove any peach fuzz and dead skin on the surface,” he says. “Once I’ve finished with the DERMAFLASH on the skin, I use the post-flash [serum] to soothe the skin and prep for a perfect skincare application.” The device gently exfoliates the skin to leave behind a clean canvas with a mirror-smooth finish.

CurrentBody Skin LED Face Mask — $399.00

“I have had a few of my clients on CurrentBody LED light therapy mask and have seen amazing improvement on my clients’ skin that are using it religiously,” says makeup artist Matin Maulawizada, who prepped Elvis star Olivia DeJonge’s skin with the mask for a few weeks leading up to the Met Gala. “I love that it has several functions like calming the skin, reducing inflammation and pore size, and enhances the glow and tone of the skin.”


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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