7 Skin and Hair Pros on the Beauty Rules They Live By

Photo: W+G Creative
I'm a sucker for celebrity-bestowed beauty advice as much as the next gal. Gimme all the things I can do to glow like Julianne Hough, Molly Sims, Shay Mitchell, and Emma Roberts and I'll happily do them with a smile. Better yet? Share advice from the women who enable these flashbulb junkies to shine for their words of wisdom on what really makes a complexion glow and I'm all in.

With that thought in mind, I asked some big names in the industry—think CEOs, high-profile stylists, and even marquee dermatologists—for the best advice they've ever received when it comes to beauty. Below, these leading ladies share their most-treasured tips and how you can incorporate them into your life as we speak.

Want more pro beauty advice? Take your cues from Blake Lively's hairstylist, Rihanna's makeup artistand Meghan Markle's dermatologist.

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