Give Your Bedroom a Healthy Makeover for Under $100

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Outside of your body, your bedroom is your most important temple. It's where you spend the first and last minutes of each day and where you spend precious hours sleeping, or er, not sleeping? Let's be real: It's your *happy* place—or at least it should be!

"If you can recreate your space so it feels warm and inviting, you’ll love spending time there even more,” says Alessandra Wood, director of style at MODSY, a new interior design service that helps you create your home online. She's a proponent of the theory that sad spaces can make for sad people, and that changing things up can really make a difference in how you feel. "Psychologically speaking, pops of color change the way our brains react to spaces. Certain colors, like yellow, create happy energy, while green incites serenity. A blah room might make you feel just that way.”

If you're verging on blah, fear not. A makeover doesn't have to drain your bank account—great news for those women saving up for their next wellness retreat or 10-pack of spin classes. Here are seven under-$100 ways to totally change up your space just in time for warmer weather.

Keep reading for tips and affordable items that will transform your bedroom.

Re-style your bookshelf

"Take a moment to get rid of clutter and reorganize your shelves,” says Wood. "You can add a new, small piece of art or decorative objects and sculptures. Pick up new pieces while you stroll the flea market or in your favorite little boutiques.”

Refresh your pillows

"One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color and a bit more style to your bedroom is by swapping out your throw pillows,” says Wood. "You can save a bit by buying new throw covers and reusing your existing inserts."

Mix it up on the walls

"Sometimes the best way to make your space feel new is a fresh coat of paint,” says Wood. If you're up for a DIY moment, pick up a gallon of paint and create some drama via wall color. Paint just one accent wall, or all four for more intensity.” Wood also loves adhesive wallpaper, which is a great (and temporary) solution for anyone who isn’t allowed to do anything permanent with paint.

Go green

"Add life to your space by literally adding life,” says Wood, who is just as obsessed with home jungles as the rest of us are. "Small cacti and succulents usually run less than $5 a pop at hardware stores. Plant them in budget-friendly white planters. If you're looking for a larger statement, add a tall indoor plant to the mix.” Instead of ordering from fancy online retailers, check out your local wholesalers for the best deals. (NYC peeps, head over to the flower district for some serious steals.)

Up your sheet game

Wood suggests picking up a fresh set of sheets to make your bedroom feel new again, and she's a big believer in discount hunting at stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. (Wood once scored a set of Marimekko sheets seriously on sale.)

Invest in drapery

Investing in drapes might feel like one of those “adulting” things you’ve never felt *quite* ready for, but now’s the time—especially because “investing” doesn’t have to necessarily mean breaking the bank. "Drapery adds softness to the space and fills up bare wall space without cluttering. I always opt for neutral colors and love linens and natural fibers,” says Wood. "Hang them as high as possible and make sure they touch the floor, in order to draw the eyes upwards and create the illusion of a higher ceiling."

Get artsy

When all else fails, add some art. “Art is a great way to personalize your space and adds a thoughtful refresh,” says Wood, who suggests picking out a piece from your recent travels or one that symbolizes a great memory. To keep it cheap, look for artist prints on sites like Etsy, or reproduction photos on Or, try something totally unexpected like a DIY wall-hanging.

Your bedroom isn't the only place that deserves an affordable makeover: Check out these  under-$100 hacks for your bathroom, then book yourself a celeb-approved facial with all the money you saved on renovations. 

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