Think You Can’t Run a 10K? With This 6-Week Training Plan, I Know for a Fact That You Can

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Say it with me now: I am going to run a 10K. Yep, you there. You’re gonna do it.

I want you to actually say this out loud—to me, your family, your friends—because speaking a goal has power. It makes it real, but it also makes it attainable. And now that you’ve spoken this goal into existence, I can’t wait to help you get there with a 10K (6.2 miles) training plan that I truly believe can help everyone cross the finish line.

You’ll see throughout the six weeks that it incorporates a lot of walking and different kinds of exercise—not just running. And I promise you that this mix of yoga, strength training, walking, power walking, jogging, running, and stretching will be the mix that you need to take your running or walking game to the next level.

Distance running can be tricky. There are going to be days when you can’t wait to run out the door and start logging those miles (yes, I promise, this is going to happen!). But there are also going to be days when just lacing up your shoes feels impossible. Listen to your body on both of those days. This plan is meant to be accessible, doable, and flexible. Most of all, this plan is meant for you.

I’ve also designed it to progress in increments. Whether you’re a newbie (welcome!) or a seasoned runner (hello!), the best way to chip away at a goal is by going slow and steady. We’re going to avoid plateaus by adding on one, two, or three minutes here and there. We’re going to strength train and we’re going to rest. We’re going to have long runs and we’re going to have short walks. It’s all in service of the same goal.

And most of all, remember, attitude is everything. Never deny your feelings, and take those rests when you need them, always. But if you can get yourself in gear to move forward, you’re going to be in a better mental place, and that will translate to your run.

I can’t wait to cross the finish line with you. Let’s go!

Our Beginner 10K Training Plan

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