Put ‘Em Up and Knock It Out With This Beginner Boxing Workout

I get it, boxing is pretty intimidating. There's a set of movements to learn, a new technique to master, and complicated-looking combinations to follow. But you just have to start with the basics. And that's exactly what Michelle Sim, boxing coach and creator of Move with Mich, covers in the latest episode of Good Moves.

After a quick jump rope warm-up (no actual jump rope needed!), you'll learn how to get into a fight stance, how to do booty-strengthening bob and weaves, and fun boxing combos. By the end of the 10-minute beginner boxing workout, you'll not only know how to do a jab cross, front hook, and rear upper cut like a pro—you'll also realize how much fun it is to unleash your inner Maggie Fitzgerald from Million Dollar Baby. How can it not be with Sim leading you through every movement with her bubbly personality?

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Aside from boxing being a great way to get in your cardio and increase your heart rate, it also improves your coordination, is low-impact, and strengthens every muscle group in your body. "It's a great way to tone your arms, your shoulders, your back, and your core," says Sim. And while some studio sessions will require gloves, you don't need anything but a light set of dumbbells for this at-home version. When you're ready to sweat boxer-style, press play on the beginner boxing workout above and get to work.

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