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Take Your Orgasms To Go With These Secret Clitoral Vibrators That Are Discreet Enough To Carry in Your Pocket

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It's a pocket mirror! It's  a blush compact! It's... a vibrator?! That's right—we've found two steamy, spine-tingling sex toys that double as unassuming cosmetic mirrors. But just because they can fit in your pocket doesn't mean they won't pack a punch. After all, many good things come in small packages.

If you've kept up with our sex toy test-capades, you know we're suckers for anything discreet. Not that we don't love vibrators that scream "vibrator"—it's just that the stealthier toys have a special place in our nightstands (or tote bags) for their elusiveness and/or their ability to be left out in the open without revealing their true identity. Think: the Unbound Palma ($128), a vibrating statement ring that looks nothing other than a chic piece of jewelry, or the Osuga Cuddly Bird Vibrator ($107), which moonlights as a desk lamp.

Well, we're adding Bellesa's Diskreet Vibe ($59) and Diskreet Air ($59) to our list of "things that are vibrators but definitely don't look it," and you're going to want to add them to your pleasure chest ASAP. Both tiny toys come in a clamshell carrying case that resembles a blush compact or mirror, making them easy to toss in your purse for Os on the go.


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First, there's the Diskreet Vibe ($59), an aqua blue "choose-your-own-orgasm adventure that fits in your pocket," per Bellesa's website. This round, waterproof gadget measures out at just 3.5-inches in diameter, but woah, is it mighty. You can choose from two sides of the silicone thumper—rounded or pointy—both covered in a silky, squishy silicone that feels sensual against your clitoris, vulva, and more. Pick your poison and explore the five different vibration speeds, all of which are guaranteed to bring you to your knees in pleasure.

If the swirly, flicky sensation of cunnilingus is more your speed, opt for the Diskreet Air ($59) instead. Like its sister, it comes in the same, convenient packaging and dainty size, but swaps the silicone vibrator for a clitoral suction head. Simply pop open the pink clamshell case, position the nozzle against your clitoris, and enjoy the five different suction modes powered by Bellesa's "Pleasure Jet" technology, which are indeed pleasurable. Leave it on your nightstand until your next trip, where it's discreet enough to throw into carry ons, purses, fanny packs, even pockets.

When it comes to pleasure, you can't put a price on discreet. But at $59 a pop, they're as affordable as they are convenient. Get your own dirty little secret with one (or both) Bellesa Diskreet vibrators that are so sneaky, you might have to look twice.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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