Why You Might Like Having Sex at a Certain Surprising Time (Like, Ahem, During Your Lunch Break)

There's a whole array of environmental, situational, and emotional happenings throughout a day that could prompt a pang of sexual desire to strike when you might least expect it—perhaps even smack in the middle of your day, or after you wrap up an afternoon call at work. Whatever it is that might turn you on midday—which could be something as simple as knocking an item off your to-do list, working out, or any other occurence that changes your emotional state—the unique benefits of afternoon sex can make acting on those urges worth your while.

For one of those benefits, consider that your physical state of being during the middle of the day may be particularly geared toward an active sexual experience, thanks to higher levels of the alertness hormone cortisol and lower levels of sleep hormone melatonin than their respective levels at night.

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“If you usually have cuddly nighttime sex, you might find that you have more energy in the daytime, which can lead to trying new things and exploring new sensations,” says sex educator and owner of feminist sex shop Early to Bed, Searah Deysach. “Perhaps not having kids or roommates around in the middle of the day also gives you more freedom to make noise or try out louder activities, too.”

“Daytime sex can actually change the way it feels, looks, sounds, and tastes.” —sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH

Not to mention, the simple component of added light in the daytime can be one of the benefits of afternoon sex, too. “If you’re having partnered sex, being able to see your partner in broad daylight can be a game-changer, as we often underestimate how important it is to be able to see pleasure happening,” says sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH, resident sex educator for body-care and sexual-hygiene company Royal. “Daytime sex can actually change the way it feels, looks, sounds, and tastes.” And of course, all those sensations are integral to the way your body perceives and responds to the sexual act.

What it may say about you if you prefer afternoon sex:

If you find that you're often in the mood for sex at such an unexpected time as, say, the middle of your lunch break, it's likely that you experience a more spontaneous type of desire—meaning, you can get mentally in the mood for sex seemingly out-of-the-blue—as opposed to responsive desire, which is specifically sparked by physically arousing sensations.

Getting turned on midday can also speak to an interest in sexual novelty—or, engaging in a sexual act that skews a bit outside the general norm. “Novelty happens to be one of the best tools for creating an environment for intense turn-on,” says somatic sex educator Kiana Reeves, chief brand educator at Foria Wellness. “Breaking routines and habits sets new neural pathways, so the brain perks up, and your entire body pays attention to the moment."

That's also why a change in sex position or location can be uniquely arousing, too—and an empty house, free of roommates or kids, in the middle of the afternoon could make that switch all the more possible. “Trying out a midday romp in the kitchen or on your living-room floor might open up a whole new sexual world,” says Reeves.

And before you question how all this sexual happenstance might even be feasible during your lunch break or time between afternoon meetings, know that a time constraint can actually be a separate sexual perk. “We become more focused on what feels good when we know the clock is ticking,” says Howard. “The adrenaline is like a booster shot for sexual function and the arousal cycle, too.” That said, if you’re someone for whom it takes some time to get fully aroused or to climax, you may want to focus on sex acts that can be accomplished more quickly, like digital sex or mutual masturbation, says Deysach.

Whatever sexual modality you choose, however, you’re likely to uncover several benefits of afternoon sex—even beyond the potential for sexual novelty and another orgasm in your life, both of which are not to be discounted.

“Midday sex can provide a great reset to the day,” says Howard. “The hormones released at orgasm can support a renewed ‘pep in your step,’ as well as provide focus, clarity, and an energy boost.” Not to mention, sex is a great stress reliever, says Deysach, so getting it on in the middle of the afternoon can help relieve workday tension, and set you up for a more productive afternoon—call that work-life balance.

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