7 Benefits of Sleeping Naked That Will Make You Want To Snooze in the Buff Every Night

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Sleep—is there anything better? It recharges us, essentially allowing us to be functioning humans. The thing about sleep, though, is that it doesn't come easily for many people. That's where healthy sleep habits and tips and tricks come in. There are meditation apps that will lull you into slumber. White noise machines can drown out any outside noises with the soothing sounds of a babbling brook. Sleep masks and blackout curtains will protect your eyes from the light, and essential oils can chill you out with just one whiff. 

Another thing you can try to increase your sleep quality: sleeping naked. Yes, ditching your pajamas actually delivers many benefits, not only for better sleep, but also your overall health, confidence, and even your relationships. 

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Still not sold on sleeping nude? Read on for the seven top benefits of sleeping sans clothing, plus some tips on how to make it an enjoyable experience every night. It's a vibe. 

Benefits of sleeping in the buff

1. Better quality sleep

Good quality sleep requires staying fresh and comfortable, and sleeping naked helps check off both of those boxes. "Being naked keeps one cooler and avoids skin rubbing [and the] bunching up of sleeping garments," says Felice Gersh, MD, an OB/GYN and founder of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine.  

2. Helps you falling asleep faster

If you have trouble falling asleep, stripping off your clothes before you get between the sheets could help with that. "Sleep onset is related to one's temperature," Dr. Gersh says. "Being naked helps by lowering skin temperature, and that can facilitate sleep."  

Sleeping naked can also be beneficial for women experiencing menopause. "Hot flashes and night sweats can [wake] women up several times a night," says Jodie Horton, MD, chief wellness advisor for Love Wellness, a women's wellness and personal care products brand. Sleeping naked can help alleviate the not-so-fun symptoms of hot flashes.

3. Improves male sperm count and function

Trying to make a baby? Sleeping nude can also help with that (and not just because it might get you and your SO in the mood). "Male sperm production works best when the testicles are cool," Dr. Gersh says. "Sleeping naked improves the quality and quantity of sperm by preventing testicular warmth."

4. Reduces vaginal yeast infections

Snoozing without pjs is also good for the vagina because it gives it some time and space to breathe. "Tight, occlusive, and warm clothing covering the vagina can increase moisture and heat and potentially increase or worsen the development of vaginal yeast infections," Dr. Gersh says. "Sleeping naked would avoid that." So if you struggle with frequent yeast infections, it may be a good idea to make sleeping naked a regular thing.

5. It could improve your relationship with your partner

I was joking before: Doing away with clothes at night can also help nurture your relationship with your partner. "Skin-to-skin builds intimacy, and that improves relationships," Dr. Gersh says. If physical touch is your love language, "A loving hand touching naked skin in bed can bring a sense of reassurance, warmth, and caring into the relationship." 

Dr. Horton adds that snuggling naked can also help lower cortisol (aka the stress hormone), release oxytocin (aka the love hormone), and increase attraction between partners in long-term relationships.

6. Sleeping naked boosts self-esteem

Sleeping in your birthday suit can also be a significant self-esteem and confidence booster. "It makes you more comfortable in your skin," Dr. Horton says. Loving on yourself also improves overall body image. Think of sleeping naked as a celebration of your body. You deserve it.

7. It's good for your skin

"Restrictive clothing can cause excessive sweating, which may lead to inflammation, rashes, or breakouts," Dr. Horton says. "Going nude helps the body eliminate sweat and dirt that clothing can reintroduce to the body. Take a shower before bed and let your skin breathe." 

Tips for sleeping naked

Invest in good sheets

Creating a pleasant sleeping experience comprises more than just stripping off your clothes. You have to set the ideal vibe, too. Dr. Horton recommends investing in some good sheets. After all, you're going to be rubbing all up on them with your bare skin, so you want your sheets to feel downright luxurious. She recommends sheets made out of natural fibers and silk. Also, it goes without saying, but be sure to wash your bedding frequently

Keep the room cool

As Dr. Gersh said, temperature is key when it comes to quality sleep. However, removing your clothes can only cool you down so much. "A 2012 National Institute of Health Study found that your bedroom's temperature is the single most important factor in a good night's rest," Dr. Horton says. "Keeping your bedroom cool allows you to enter the dream stage of sleep, which helps you feel refreshed in the morning. This improves cognition and improves your overall mood." The ideal bedroom temp, according to the National Sleep Foundation, is 65 degrees. Set your thermostat, stat. 

Get your hours in

You can practice all the healthy sleep hygiene habits—buy the fancy sheets, cool down the room, and sleep in the nude—but all that won't cut it if you're not actually logging in enough hours of sleep. "You should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep," Dr. Horton says. "According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, people who get five hours or less of sleep per night are at increased risk for obesity, depression, diabetes, and heart disease."

How often should you sleep naked

Although there isn't much research to validate the ideal frequency of sleeping naked, Dr. Gersh recommends doing it at least 75 percent of nights to reap the most benefits. Dr. Horton, on the other hand, advocates for sleeping nude daily, because, why not? Obviously, that may be trickier to do in the colder months, but it's nothing a warm blanket or a cuddly partner can't solve. 

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