Canned Tuna Is the Nutrition MVP You’re Overlooking—Here’s 10 Reasons Why

Imagine if Pantry Wars were a real TV show. Olive oil would compete against balsamic vinegar for best salad garnish. Cracked black pepper would go head-to-head with red pepper flakes to win MVS (most valuable spice). And tuna? Now that'd be a contender for all-around pantry champ.

Why, exactly, would this prestigious (albeit fictional) title go to canned tuna? Well, we can actually give you 10 reasons, but for starters it's super nutritious—thanks to its protein and vitamin content, according to Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN.

"Tuna is much lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than beef and other red meat," Largeman-Roth says. "It’s also a whole lot cheaper, especially when you’re comparing gram to gram."

Boosting your nutrition? Check. Saving money? Check. Supporting your sustainability goals? Also check, when you get Bumble Bee® tuna, which is wild-caught, traceable, and committed to eliminating plastic and pollution from the ocean. (Talk about a snack that does it all.)

Ready to head to the store and stock up? Here's a little shopping tip to help you choose what kind to buy: "Tuna in oil is a little higher in calories and fat than tuna in water," Largeman-Roth says. "It really is about taste preference. If you like adding your own oil or mayo, go with tuna packed in water. If you want tuna that’s ready to put on a toasted bagel, choose the oil-packed."

And if you're still looking for more reasons to move your stack of canned tuna up to the center shelf of your pantry (odds are good you already have a can or two stashed in the back), keep reading for 10 of Largeman-Roth's favorite benefits of tuna.

Keep scrolling for 10 benefits of tuna, according to an RD.

benefits of tuna

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