15 Top Spots to Satisfy Your Acai Bowl Craving in LA

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Even if you're not superstar SoulCycle instructor Akin Akman—who eats two acai bowls a day—you have to admit the borrowed-from-Brazil treats are addictive. (Particularly during the current heat wave, when scorching temps have you craving cool meals 24/7.)

Luckily, they're also now ubiquitous, especially in Los Angeles. The SoCal city was one of the first to adopt acai pulp as its own—and now, shops selling the berry purée topped with granola, fruit, nuts, seeds, and even chocolate can be found in every neighborhood.

Below, find some of the best that LA has to offer, from under-the-radar destinations to the shops that keep blowing up your Instagram feed.

These are the 15 best acai bowls in Los Angeles—they're so good, you'll definitely lose your cool.

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Backyard Bowls

Backyard Bowls’ founders brought acai over to the mainland from Hawaii, opening their first shop in Santa Barbara before the berry was a trend stateside. The brand's cafes in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and Mid-City are always stacked with beautiful people, and the Island Bowl—a mix of acai, banana, mango, pineapple juice, and coconut milk—is a crowd favorite. (Though you can find mouthwatering blends which incorporate greens or emphasize protein, too.)

Rick's Produce Market

Rick's Produce Market, tucked away in Silver Lake near the famed restaurant Sqirl, is a small, family-owned, farmer's market-inspired operation offering locally sourced produce and seasonal menus featuring generously portioned acai bowls. Look for additions you won't see elsewhere, as Rick's adds in-season fruits to their bowls—think persimmons and peaches.

Beaming Organic Superfood Cafe

Beaming—which has outposts in Century City, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood—keeps things simple. The shop’s one acai bowl offering mixes organic, non-GMO acai with sprouted almond milk, coconut butter, Himalayan pink salt, blueberries, bananas, and the shop's own superfood protein powder. A similar pitaya bowl is also on the menu for those who prefer a hot-pink dragonfruit base.

Liquid Juice Bar

In addition to fresh, organic fruit, Liquid’s massive acai bowls are packed with healthy ingredients such as maca, bee pollen, hemp oil, greens, and more. The West Hollywood shop offers five varieties—including a pitaya bowl—one of which boasts the decadent combination of cacao, vegan carob chips, and almond butter.

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Ubatuba Acai

Ubatuba has five locations in the LA area—Koreatown, Tarzana, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, and Melrose—and each one's menu offerings differ. What doesn’t change between venues, however, is the shop’s add-on menu, which features everything from bee pollen and dates to Nutella and goji berries. Also, they offer up sizing for their bowls—small, medium, and large—which can be awesome when you’re looking for a snack rather than a meal (or vice versa).


If you’re into acai for the ‘gram opp, do not pass go en route to Amazebowls. They serve their signature bowl in an actual frozen coconut, which you can take home to eat once it’s thawed. The shop, which has locations in Venice and DTLA as well as a roving truck, also offers a variety of options for each layer of your bowl—base, toppings, and granola—so that the experience is truly customizable. Don't skip the housemade granola, which is offered in varieties such as peanut butter, hemp, apple cinnamon, chocolate, and more.

The Harvest Bar

At The Harvest Bar's two suburban locations, in Sherman Oaks and Westchester, you can mix and match your own bowl or choose from one of five signature recipes. Blends here are pretty extra: The protein option, for example, includes a hearty mix of organic acai, peanut butter, banana, hemp protein, dates, and hemp milk, while the tropical blend is a refreshing amalgam of acai, pineapple, mango, banana, coconut milk, orange juice, and coconut shreds. Portions, meanwhile, are generous—even the mini size is filling.

Berry Bowl

Highland Park's Berry Bowl gets points for its cacao nib-topped Chocolate Bowl, which has chocolate almond milk blended into the acai. (The Peanut Butter Bowl also features a chocolate almond milk base.) On the flip side, the shop also offers a Green Bowl, made with kale and spinach. (Don't worry—all that veg doesn't sabotage the sweet flavor of the fruit.)

Acai Nation

Acai Nation—which has locations in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades—offers a lot of variety. From several different base blends to a diverse selection of granola flavors to an impressive array of superfood toppings—including an unparalleled selection of nuts—this place has something for everyone. You can even add spinach as a topping, if that's your cup of tea. (Yes, there's a chocolate option, too.)


The only health food spot that's more "LA" than Erewhon is Earthbar. (Or spots, rather—there are a shocking 22 locations around town, including a few at LAX.)  Portions are sizable, ingredients are all organic, and you can order your bowl blended with optional protein powder, almond butter, or blueberries.

Green Grotto Juice Bar

Downtown LA’s Green Grotto has a little surprise for you—it offers acai bowls served in waffle cone bowls. Go for The Believer bowl if you're a fan of fresh mint and ginger.

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Sao Acai

Culver City's Sao Acai offers five different bowls in all your basic categories—original, green, berry, tropical, and protein. Portions are huge, so much so that a large would be perfect for two to share. This spot's location in the Platform LA complex means that you can peruse some of the city's best shops between sweet bites of fruit-topped acai and granola, too.

Acai Jungle Bowls Cafe

At this Burbank-based spot, acai bases are not blended with juice, bananas, or any other ingredients—just pure acai—and come in four sizes ranging from "scoop" to "jungle." Additional toppings are $1 each, and options are so extensive as to include MCT oil.

Juice Crafters

Juice Crafters has nine LA locations, so chances are good that no matter where you are, there's one nearby. Of the four bowls on offer at each—one of which includes kale—the Brazilian Super Blend is definitely a crowd favorite. For an extra antioxidant kick, however, try the Berry Bowl stacked with blueberries, golden berries, goji berries, dried cranberries, and strawberries.

Cafe Gratitude

As any Cafe Gratitude fan might expect, the I Am Vivid bowl is a solid offering. It features acai topped with "Amazonian superfood crunch," strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, coconut, blueberries, banana, and ginger syrup.

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