7 of the Greatest Activewear Moments in Beloved Chick Flicks

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Fitness fashion inspo typically isn’t the main motivation for adding a BFF comedy to your Netflix queue. Yet, some of the best chick flicks out there are actually filled with unforgettable activewear that deserves a closer look—as if you needed an excuse to watch Clueless one more time.

In particular, there are seven, scene-stealing style moments worth revisiting ASAP. Each will undoubtably bring on a bout of LOLs. But isn't that the best type of ab workout anyway?

Here are the most memorable athleisure looks from iconic female comedies—plus, how "wearable" each would be IRL on a scale from 1–5.

Mean Girls

Activewear vibe: Early-aughts OTT. (Who wasn't wearing white ribbed tank tops at that time?) Not part of the real-life trend? Those very conspicuous cutouts—courtesy of Janice Ian’s ongoing quest to take down Regina George.

Wearability factor circa 2017: 1
Cutouts are one of the coolest activewear trends right now. They're just being more strategically placed—like on your leggings.

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Alo Vixen Crop Top, $60
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Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion  

Activewear vibe: So extra, in the best way possible. Though, the besties' outfits are better suited for the club than a cardio class. 

Wearability factor circa 2017: 2
Surprisingly, a couple elements feel pretty timely: Cropped sports bras are everywhere these days, matching workout sets are trending, and chic performance skorts have hit the market. But the BFF's microminis and likely unsupportive tops just wouldn’t suffice for repeated tap backs. For a Halloween party or bachlorette bash? Certainly.

Recreate the look:
Outdoor Voices Court Skort, $65
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Activewear vibe:  Holy athleisure—there are so many trendy takes on sportswear to digest here. For starters, Cher’s spaghetti-strapped, cropped tank layered over that mandatory PE white tee is giving me gothic minimalist, Dion's bandana-mesh top combo is very summer '16, and Amber looks like a straight up precursor for Ultracor

Wearability factor circa 2017: 4
All these OG activewear iterations are very this season—i.e. Bella Hadid would likely rock every one.

Recreate the look:
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Bridget Jones’s Diary

Activewear vibe: The DGAF athleisure attitude only a pair of sweatpants and a messy updo can truly articulate. 

Wearability factor circa 2017: 3
This is basically the epitome of laundry-day gym threads, IMO. There are so many more-exciting alternatives for when you want to go low-key on legs day.

Recreate the look:
LNDR Force Cropped Track Pant, $190
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Legally Blonde

Activewear vibe: Master multitasker mode—i.e. studying for your LSAT while doing an elliptical workout. In the words of Elle Woods: "What, like it's hard?"

Wearability factor circa 2017: 4
Wide elastic-waistbanded shorts have been on offer in cool variations the last few seasons (in metallics, with piped detailing, and more). Plus, rust-esque hues are going to crop up in activewear come fall, insiders at Carbon38 and Alala predict. So while the color family still feels a little surprising in the activewear space, maybe Elle (and Bridget Jones, too) were simply years ahead of the trend.

Recreate the look:
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Activewear vibe: Tennis whites with a twist, thanks to that halter-top detail on Helen Harris III (AKA Rose Byrne)'s modern court dress. Not to be outdone, Annie Walker (AKA Kristen Wiig)'s vintage, zip-front Lacoste number is equally as fierce as her backhand.

Wearability factor circa 2017: 5
The pre-face off power blazer Byrne's character sports is the perfect transition piece for this workleisure look—easily taking it from the office to the country club. It's also super on-point with this summer's all-white activewear trend.

Recreate the look:
J.Crew Campbell Blazer, $148
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Suddora Sweatband Set, $10

Pitch Perfect 2

Activewear vibe: BFF bootcamp.

Wearability factor circa 2017: 5
Pink has been trending in the activewear space in recent months, as have color-blocked leggings, making The Barden Bellas' activewear instincts, well, pitch perfect.

Recreate the look:
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For more fitness fashion inspo from your fave female characters: Check out what the women of Sex and the City and Game of Thrones would wear to work out. 

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