This Surprising Burger Topping Will Add Tasty Sweetness (and Vitamins!) to Your Next Cookout

Photo: Stocksy/Ina Peters
By now, you've totally mastered the art of putting together the perfect burger by topping your protein-packed patty (which can be vegetarian, BTW) with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles—you know, the typical grilling-out staples. One thing you might be missing out on, though? Adding a little fruity sweetness to the savory mix.

Krystle Anne Pascual, the vegan food blogger behind Minty Anne, recently revealed the sweet staple she always piles on her Beyond Burger to be the summer farmers' market staple of peaches, and the announcement earned a lot of surprised reactions. Okay, okay, it might sound like a weird choice—but stop furrowing your brow, and just let the idea simmer. Pascual has the routine down: Just drizzle the juicy fruit with balsamic vinegar, and grill the pieces right alongside the patty for the ultimate flavor-packed addition to your meal. Salivating yet?

But peaches are hardly the only fruit worthy of adding to your mix of burger toppings. According to one commenter, pineapple and papaya gift the perfect amount of summer sugar—as well as a healthy, bloat-busting vitamin boost!—into your meal as well. And don't forget jackfruit, which pairs so well with BBQ, as an unlikely main ingredient for pulled pork-esque sandwiches.

Sure, sticking loads of veggies on your burger is great, but when it comes to upping the ante for hosting a night in with friends? Sliced fruit might well be the best thing since sliced bread.

This simple vegan grilling hack lets you cook with your meat-eating friends. But while you're at it, just remember to avoid hovering around the grill for the sake of your skin.

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