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The Best CBD Gummies Our Editors Swear By

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Googling "best CBD gummies?" That makes...a lot of us these days. While the pandemic is in a much better place than it was a year ago, you'd be forgiven if the experience of the last 15 months has left you on edge. Same goes if this sudden-seeming plunge back into "normal" life has you feeling overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, and in search of relief. Fortunately, there's no shortage of tried-and-true methods for chilling yourself the eff out (e.g. meditation apps, exercise, journaling, etc.); however, few are as delicious (literally!) as CBD gummies.

For the uninitiated, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound most commonly derived from cannabis or hemp plants. While robust research on the compound remains in its relative infancy, some large case studies have shown that it can effectively treat anxiety. Anecdotally, it seems to work in this capacity for a lot of people—just ask, er, anyone you know who takes it.

As demand has subsequently skyrocketed, CBD has become available in just about every format you can possibly imagine. Still, if you're looking for a push to add CBD into your diet, the candy-like quality of gummies can be a compelling incentive.

There's no shortage of options, either, so to help you parse through them, we've collected a few of our editors' favorites below. Keep scrolling to shop their top picks.

The best CBD gummies, according to our editors

Photo: Lord Jones
Lord Jones White Peach Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops — $35.00

Each Lord Jones gumdrop features 20mg of high-quality, broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. They’re also made in small batches and feature natural fruit flavors and colorings—all of which is why they average out to about $6 per gummy. (In other words, they’re not cheap, but for good reason! And besides, if Lord Jones is good enough for Kristen Bell, it’s good enough for us—she recently partnered with the brand on a line of CBD-infused skin-care). Though white peach is a favorite for the Well+Good team, these gumdrops also come in blood orange, wild berry, strawberry, and lemon flavors.

Photo: Sunday Scaries
Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies — $23.00

If you’re feeling the “Sunday scaries” just about every night of the week these days, you’re likely not alone. These CBD gummy bears promise to remedy that fear, to which I say, “sold!” They have the added benefit of being fortified with Vitamins B12 and D3, too, and at a relatively low price point. They’re available in a vegan varietal, too.

Photo: Vena
Vena Full-Spectrum CBD Bites — $38.00

Vena’s sugar-coated, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD bites are 25 mg apiece, with a recommended dosage of one per day. Unlike some of the others on this list, this purchase allows you to test multiple flavor profiles in one fell swoop. They’re fairly cost-effective, too, averaging out at just over $1 per gummy.

Photo: Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus — $35.00

The legendary Ms. Stewart’s gummies are a bit on the lighter side than most of the others on this list in terms of their CBD content per gummy. These use isolate (meaning only CBD and no other trace cannabinoids) and contain 10 mg per piece (with 30 pieces per bottle). Martha’s developed two different flavor profiles—allegedly all by herself. This one’s a citrus blend that includes Meyer lemon, kumquat, and blood orange, and the other is a berry medley.

Photo: Molly J.
Molly J. Elderflower Grapefruit CBD Gumdrops — $45.00

Elderflower is one of my favorite flavors, so these are a win for me from the outset, based on taste alone. They’re available in two different strengths—25 mg and 50 mg. The former is for garden variety chilling, and the latter is meant to treat more serious concerns such as sleep deprivation and heightened anxiety. Both are made with hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD for premium quality.

Photo: Winged
Winged Relaxation CBD Gummies — $35.00

I like to rely on Winged’s gummies when I need a little extra support because they’re formulated with, well, extra support. These relaxation gummies, for example, boast 10 mg of CBD along with other calming ingredients such as chamomile extract and L-Theanine. I swear by their sleep formulation, too, which adds 5-HTP, GABA, L-Theanine, and melatonin into the mix to promote a restful night’s Zzz’s.

charlottes web cbd calm gummies
Charlotte's Web Calm CBD Gummies — $30.00

Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies are formulated with natural fruit and vegetable juices and 10 mg of whole-plant hemp extract per gummy (recommended dose is two). The Calm gummies are lemon-lime flavor and designed to help give you some extra support when dealing with everyday stressors without making you too sleepy, and there are also versions (and flavors) for daily wellness, immunity, sleep, and recovery.

highline Anytime CBD Gummies
Highline Wellness CBD Gummies — $29.00

These colorful little gummy bears can be eaten day or night for a little relaxation. They’re made with broad spectrum hemp extract, and each bottle comes with 30 gummies. You can choose your strength, either 10mg or 20mg per gummy. Highline also makes day and night CBD gummies, as well as these apple cider vinegar gummies that can help soothe your mind and your gut.

not pot cbd sleep gummies
Not Pot Sleep CBD Gummies — $30.00

The name says it all—these are not pot. Instead, these sleep gummies have hemp-derived CBD and a touch of melatonin to help you head off to Dreamland, and stay there for the night. They’re sweetened with tapioca, have no artificial flavors or sugar alcohols, and have a nice, blueberry flavor.

Smokiez Sour Blackberry CBD Gummiez
Smokiez Sour Blackberry CBD Gummiez — $35.00

If you’re a fan of sweet and sour things, these gummies (or gummiez, as they’re called) are for you. In addition to the delicious blackberry flavor (there’s also blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, peach, and jamberry), one gummy is packed with 25 mg of broad spectrum hemp extract and vegan and gluten-free. Each package comes with 20 gummies.

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