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Derms Don’t Go a Day Without Recommending These 5 Cerave Products (And Not One Is Over $20)

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Thanks to TikTok (or, more specifically, a TikTok beauty influencer named Hyram), Cerave is having a major moment. But while the brand only recently started flying off of drugstore shelves, its affordable skin-care products have long been a favorite amongst dermatologists and beauty pros.

So which ones are worth adding to your own skin-care arsenal? To find out, we asked board-certified dermatologist  Dustin Portela, DO (who's TikTok star himself), to share his favorite picks. And the best part? Not a single one of them will cost you more than $16.


The 5 best Cerave products, according to a derm

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Dr. Portela recommends this CeraVe product more than any other, and he's not the only one—derms love the stuff, and for good reason. "The ceramides help to repair dry cracked skin, and it is gentle enough to be used on babies," he says. "For barrier repair, it is good for so many skin conditions, and can even safely be used on the face." The moisturizer is oil-free and ultra-hydrating, making it a big-time win for anyone with dry skin.

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No matter what kind of complexion you're working with, this cleanser will leave it feeling nourished and clean. "It's an excellent wash that works for dry skin, but does great on oily skin too," says Dr. Portela. "It is perfect for patients with acne, or those who want a great cleanser in their skincare routine."

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Don't let the "p.m." moniker fool you—this moisturizer can be used at all hours of the day and on any skin type. "I love the consistency of this lightweight moisturizer," says Dr. Portela. "The niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are perfect for acne or rosacea-prone skin." Whatever you've got going on with your skin, this moisturizer is always going to be a solid, surefire pick that will leave your complexion hydrated and happy.

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This wouldn't be a "derm's faves" list without an SPF, would it? "This is the perfect morning sunscreen," says Dr. Portela, adding this is all-around one of the best Cerave products you can buy. "It is lightweight and provides the 30 SPF coverage that I recommend to my patients." It's a chemical SPF, which means it's great for layering on under your makeup to ensure you're protected every time you step outside.

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Unlike many of the other acne washes on the market, Dr. Portela loves Cerave's take on the category because it's gentle and non-drying. "It's the perfect complement to a prescription regimen for patients in my clinic, but even without the use of added prescriptions this wash can help reduce the appearance of acne," he says. It's got benzoyl peroxide to help clear away pimples, plus niacinamide that will leave your skin barrier hydrated and strong.

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