9 Beautiful Boards To Take Your At-Home Charcuterie Game to the Next Level

Photo: Getty Images / Claudia Totir
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If there's anything that has made a comeback during this hellish year, it's the charcuterie board. The fancy party appetizer—which refers to any plate, platter, or board laden with meats and cheese (or plant-based alternatives, if you're vegan)—has been repurposed from stuffy rich-person parties to become a quarantine snacking and eating staple. You can even watch countless videos of people making charcuterie boards (or judging others) on TikTok.

But given that any artfully arranged collection of cheese and charcuterie never last long (at least not in my house), you'd best be sure that the remnants of your cheese board are just as presentable as its beginnings. A beautiful charcuterie board is perhaps the most critical (inedible) ingredient of your final presentation. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of the best charcuterie boards the next time you host a cheese party—be it IRL or over Zoom.

Keep reading for 9 of the best charcuterie boards on the market to make all of your appetizers look fancy

fab slabs paddle cheese and charcuterie board
Photo: Fab Slabs

1.  Fab Slabs Medium Paddle Board, $51

Handmade in Australia and constructed using a single piece of wood (camphor laurel timber, to be precise), these so-called “grazing platters” from Fab Slabs are naturally antibacterial and beautiful. These elegant pieces come in a range of sizes and shapes—I’m particularly fond of the round version that is meant for pizza serving but does just as well with other combinations of bread and cheese.

Shop now: Fab Slabs Medium Paddle Board, $51

dust and things engraved personalized cheese board set
Photo: Dust and Things

2. Dust and Things Personalized Cheese Board and Knife Set, $30

Another great price-sensitive option comes from the Amazon Handmade marketplace, where local artisans from across the country are selling their handcrafted goods. The Personalized Cheese Board and Knife Set from the platform is a great gift option—it’s carved with custom initials, and comes with three cheese knives and a fork. And if you so choose, you can also add a personal message to be engraved on the back of the board. Best of all, it’ll set you back less than $30.

Shop now: Dust and Things Personalized Cheese Board and Knife Set, $30

viking culinary olive wood paddle board
Photo: Viking Culinary

3. Viking Culinary Olive Wood Cutting and Serving Paddle, $70

This gorgeous piece works both as a cutting board and a charcuterie board for your favorite cheeses, meats, and snacks. Olive wood has been widely utilized for millennia thanks to its durability to unique texture. The natural bark edge of this board makes for an especially distinctive look. (Hello, Instagram!).

Shop now: Viking Culinary Olive Wood Cutting and Serving Paddle, $70

slateplate handled slate charcuterie board
Photo: Slateplate

4. Slateplate Handled Serving Tray, $74

Wood may be classic, but if you’re looking for a more modern interpretation of the cheese board, you may want to consider slate as your primary material. Slateplate makes a range of slate cheese boards, but the best is its line of handled slate trays for easy serving. Made from North American black slate and stainless steel handles, you can choose from three sizes: 12" x 18", 10" x 20", and 12" x 24", with prices ranging from $74 to $98.

Shop now: Slateplate Handled Serving Tray, $74

brooklyn slate cheese and charcuterie board
Photo: Brooklyn Slate

5. Brooklyn Slate 10" x 14" Slate Cheese Plate, $35

This company's gorgeous slate cheese and charcuterie boards are beloved by food industry insiders, and for good reason. All products are made from New York slate, dishwasher-safe, and come with a soapstone pencil (for marking down everything on your board, restaurant-style), rubber gripper "feet" on the bottom, and a burlap cover to protect it between uses.

Shop now: Brooklyn Slate 10" x 14" Slate Cheese Plate, $35

cb2 essex marble cheese tray stand
Photo: CB2

6. CB2 Essex Large Marble Server, $60

If you’re looking to literally elevate your charcuterie presentation, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful serving stand from CB2. While most cheese plates sit on your table, this particular model sits atop an elegant molded base, creating a conversation piece that makes your food truly the center of attention. It comes in two sizes that can nest together for easier storage.

Shop now: CB2 Essex Large Marble Server, $60

anthropologie agate rose quartz cheese board
Photo: Anthropologie

7. Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board, $78

Wood, marble, and slate are relatively standard material options for cheese boards these days, but more surprising is agate. Consisting primarily of chalcedony and quartz, these unique boards are incredibly beautiful and unique. You can choose from a range of colors, though given the natural agate material, you may not get the exact shade represented on the website. The dyed blue shade is stunning, as are the rose quartz and amethyst varieties.

Shop now: Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board, $78

petrified wood charcuterie board
Photo: CB2

8. CB2 Ring Petrified Wood Serving Board, $70

Why settle for normal wood when you can find a petrified wood serving board? This stunning material is sourced from forests in Indonesia, then machine-cut and hand-polished for a very special charcuterie board. We love the slightly irregular but rounded shape of this particular board.

Shop now: CB2 Ring Petrified Wood Serving Board, $70

nambe harmony cheese board and knife
Photo: Nambé

9. Nambé Harmony Cheese Board, $84

New Mexico-based company Nambé makes art that doubles as kitchen and home accessories, and its lineup of cheese boards is no different. Our favorite is the Harmony Cheese Board, which is made distinctive by its beautiful half-sphere shape. It comes with both a knife and a slot into which the knife slides. With or without cheese, this is one piece that you’ll want to keep on display.

Shop now: Nambe Harmony Cheese Board, $84

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