8 Colorful Luggage Pieces That’ll Stand Out in a Sea of Black Suitcases at Baggage Claim

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Flying somewhere is always fun... until you get to baggage claim. You finally touch down at your dream destination and all is good, until you have to find your bag, which happens to look exactly like everyone else's bag. As soon as that buzzer goes off, it's a mad dash to carousel Number 6 to try and find your seemingly-identical polycarbonate suitcase or soft-shell roller. Good luck!

To save yourself the awkward exchanges of, "Sorry, that's my luggage," or having to rummage through another person's belongings, stand out from the crowd with colorful luggage that won't get lost in the sauce. Thanks to serious strides in suitcase innovation, gone are the days of traveling with the same, boring black bag as everyone else. There's a rainbow of luggage out there, just waiting to be shown off on your travels. From pretty pastels to bold, bright jewel tones, here are the best colorful luggage pieces to pack with you, so you can ditch the crowds at baggage claim and start your trip sooner. Bon voyage!

8 colorful pieces of checked luggage to pack on your next flight

monos check-in medium
Monos, Check-In Medium — $315.00

Originally $350, now $315

For people who don’t want to overpack on their week-long vacation, the Monos Check-In Medium is the perfect size. Inside you’ll find one fully-zippered compartment for clothes and a second panel with zippered compartment for shoes and toiletries, so you can stay organized on your adventures. It boasts a sleek design and smooth-rolling wheels—which are whisper quiet, btw—so you’re not playing an endless game of tug-of-war at the airport. Also nice? The colors, which include this dewy blue, a pretty pale pink, even a limited-edition terrazzo that’s giving White Lotus.

Colors: 10

Paravel, Aviator Grand — $425.00

Psst—you can still be a minimalist and not have black luggage. Paravel’s stunning suitcases, carry-ons, and other travel accessories stand out, if not for their chic neutral color ways than for their posh silhouettes and timeless detailing. Made from 100 percent upcycled plastic, it’s also a sustainable option that doesn’t skimp on space—in fact, it happens to be the only bag our Associate Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa, packed for three months in Utah last winter. And if you’re really concerned about it getting mixed up at baggage claim, it can be monogrammed for an extra $50. Worth it, in our opinion.

Colors: 5

july luggage
July, Checked Plus — $345.00

Now this is a suitcase you won’t miss at baggage claim. Looks aside, July’s whopping Checked Plus is a game–changer for long jaunted where you need to pack a lot of stuff. Open it up to the brand’s unique Y-Strap compression system that allows for ample packing space. Other features include a telescopic handle with over 20 different heights and a built-in laundry bag that’s smell and stain resistant. Your travel plans have never looked brighter.

Colors: 18

Traveler's Choice, Checked 30" Large Suitcase — $100.00

If you want something with a bit more edge, consider this spacious suitcase from Traveler’s Choice luggage. The rigid texture and the subtle lilac makes this piece a total stunner and will certainly make heads spin at baggage claim. Its large interior can hold 2+ weeks worth of stuff—all while still being lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, it’s only $100, making it a budget-friendly option that won’t drain your bank account.

Colors: 6

rimowa large
Rimowa, Check-In Large — $1,125.00

Looking for a suitcase that’s as luxurious as the vacation you’re going on? Rimowa has got you covered. This elegant suitcase has everything you need to enjoy a long getaway, like multiple zippered compartments, high-functioning wheels, and an easy-to-maneuver handle that doesn’t catch or collapse randomly. Its 23-gallon capacity comes in the lightest polycarbonate shell that protects your belongings without weighing you down. If you can swing it, it’s worth the hefty price tag and built to last you years of travel. Bonus points for the glossy pine coloring that’ll be easy to spot when you land.

Colors: 6

roam luggage
Roam, Check-In — $595.00

For shorter domestic and international trips, Roam’s Check-In is all you’ll need to pack. It packs 28 percent more things thanks to its expandable lining, while its polycarbonate shell and water-repellent zipper keeps your goods locked in, What’s unique about this suitcase is it’s duo-color design which is totally customizable from the front shell down to its zippers. Mix and match nine different colors and never worry about picking out the wrong bag again.

Colors: 9

vera bradley luggage
Vera Bradley, Hardside Large Spinner Luggage — $172.00

Vera Bradley’s Hardside Large Spinner will retire your old, black luggage quick. Featuring a prairie paisley design of pinks, reds, and greens (it’s so pretty), this large spinner will have you spending less time looking and more time relaxing. It has two main compartments with mesh zip pockets and a zip compartment, holding 73 liters worth of essentials for your big trip. Stow away shoes, toiletries, styling tools, and even chunky coats—all in a pretty suitcase bound to get you loads of compliments at the airport.

Colors: 3

steamline luggage
Steamline Luggage, The Illustrator — $945.00

For the luxe travelers who like a hint of vintage flair, Steamline’s boxy silhouette, tan leather handles, and traditional trunk style feel like something straight out of the Gilded Age of rail travel. Its elegant details, along with 360-degree wheels and telescopic handle, combine function with fashion, and will undoubtedly make you the chicest person at the baggage carousel.

Colors: Blue check

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