This Is the Best Crock Pot Ever, According to Over 19,000 Amazon Reviewers

Photo: Getty Images/Ildar Abulkhanov
Slow cookers can be life-changing, especially if you're the type of person who abhors doing dishes or simply cannot summon the will to cook dinner after a long day of work. It's basically as simple as tossing your ingredients in and then letting your crock pot do it's thing. And according to Amazon reviewers, the best crock pot is (drumroll please) the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry Programmable Slow Cooker with Digital Timer ($45).

This crock pot can make enough food to serve seven or more people. Cook times range from 30 minutes to 20 hours, and when time is up, it automatically goes to a "warm" setting, which was a favorite aspect of many reviewers. Another design element that had reviewers using caps lock to convey that this is the slow cooker of choice? The handles and the locking lid, which make it easy to transport. One reviewer went as far as to call it the perfect slow cooker for taking hot dishes to potlucks, after a near disaster while driving: "Unknowingly, the slow cooker tipped over once in the car while full of sloppy joe meat, and to my surprise when I arrived at my destination, not a drop of the sauce leaked out onto my very light tan carpeting. At that moment, I knew this crock pot slow cooker was worth every penny I paid for it!" Sounds like a winner.

Similarly, another reviewer is ready to be crock pot-monogamous now after purchasing this slow cooker. "I have about seven or eight different crock pots on my pantry shelf, and this is not only the best, but I'm thinking I'll be getting rid of all the others at the next garage sale since, obviously, I don't use them anymore." Adds another: "This is not my first crock pot... not even my second... but definitely my favorite!! This one I can set and leave for work and not have to worry about it because it sets it to warm when the timer is done. BEST CROCKPOT EVER!!"

This device gets its stamp of approval from both slow cooking aficionados and newbies alike. "Seriously this thing is a busy person's savior or in my case, a lazy person's dream! This one is plenty large enough and incredibly easy to use," says one reviewer. (Also, #relatable.) Another reviewer calls this one of their "favorite purchases ever!!!!!" saying that she's been making easy, delicious meals with it  "while at work, the laundromat or napping. NAPPING!!!!" And perfect for us lazy people, the removable stoneware inserts and the lid are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up not feel so soul-sucking.

In the words of one hyper-enthusiastic crock pot reviewer (and apparent Oprah fan): "You need a Crock Pot! and YOU need a Crock Pot! EVERY BODY NEEDS A CROCK POT!!!" As long as it's this one to make the most delicious slow cooker dinner ideas ever.

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