These Drugstore Body Products Will Turn Any Old Shower Into a Five-Star Spa

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While showering may not be the most glam aspect of a person's beauty routine, for me, it is sacred. In the morning, it's my time to pump up for the day ahead (...usually by blasting Lizzo and singing into a loofa), and at night it's how I decompress before getting into bed. It's the closest thing I've got to being able to go to a spa every day (#goals), so I try and relish the time by making sure I'm stocked with products that make the entire experience feel like a luxury for my skin.

While you may think it requires a whole lot of pricey products to make that happen, that's not actually the case. In fact, just about every product that I use to care for my body—from soap to scrubs to lotion, and everything in between—comes from my local drugstore.

While you probably already know that you can find some serious face-care scores in the aisles of CVS, Target, and the like (and if you don't believe me—here are a few that both dermatologists and editors can't get enough of), what you may not realize is that the same principles apply to body products. From moisturizing and detoxifying soaps to creams that will make you want to add an extra 10 minutes to your regular lotion application routine, there are plenty of products worth adding to your body-care arsenal—none of which cost more than $15. Here, a few favorites in every category.

In the same way that the skin above your neck needs a good scrub every once in a while, so too does the skin below it—especially in the summer, when sweat, dirt, and grime are about as common in everyday life as rosé and Birkenstocks. Our favorite products combine exfoliating ingredients (like salt or sugar) with moisturizing ones (like honey, coconut oil, or milk) to leave skin clear, smooth, and nourished.


Gone are the days where "body wash" was just basic, boring hand soap that was okay to use on your private parts. Body wash formulations have gotten more-and-more skin-friendly over the years, and now there's something out there for everyone, whether you want a rose-scented skin conditioner (hey there, Love, Beauty and Planet) or a no-frills cleanser (looking at you, Dr. Bronner's). And while we're at it, this is exactly how much body wash you should be using every time you step into the shower.


Bar soap and body wash may be comparable when it comes to cleansing, but as far as sustainability goes, bar soap reigns supreme. And these days, there are so many great ones on the market that it's nearly impossible to narrow it down to just three. For a double duty product (sans packaging!) that you'll undoubtedly love, look for a soap with an exfoliating element, like Method's Himayalan pink sea salt option or Raw's sugar and lemon bar, or something extra nourishing like Native's coconut and vanilla combo.


For the final (and arguably most important) step in your shower routine, you want a product that will hydrate your skin and seal in moisture—the same way you'd expect your a.m. and p.m. moisturizers to do for your face. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and ceramides will get the job done.

No time for a full shower? Give yourself a once-over with these editor-approved body wipes, which will get the job done in 30 seconds flat. And these are the best products to test if you're dealing with body acne. 

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