The Best Vibrators You Can Get at the Drugstore, According to a Sex-Toy Expert

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The drugstore is a one-stop shop for everything from beloved skin-care products to sparkling water and beyond, but one worthy item to not sleep on during your next trip to CVS? A vibrator. In recent years, the "family planning" aisle has gotten a serious pleasure-filled glow up that's landed a variety of sex toys right next to the usual drugstore suspects of condoms and pregnancy tests, which is a big win for pleasure positivity, destigmatization, and accessibility.

“Having vibrators available at drugstores is such an important milestone in our industry," says Nichole Grossman, pleasure-product expert and spokesperson for toy brand CalExotics. "The stigma and shame that still very much exists surrounding masturbation, particularly for vulva-owners, is deeply-rooted in our society and culture."

Some of the best vibrators on the market being readily available at the drugstore, alongside tampons and greeting cards, is helping to remove that stigma. It's allowing consumers to see as they shop that pleasure is inclusive for everyone and also a component of our overall sexual health. Furthermore, vibrators being in the drugstore means they're "available to people who may not otherwise go into an adult store or online to shop, which makes pleasure even more accessible."

Speaking of accessibility, drugstore vibes are often more affordable than their sex-shop counterparts, which makes them a great entry-level option for first-time sex-toy buyers. And although Grossman notes these toys might skew simpler in functionality than higher-end options on the market, the best drugstore vibrators can still absolutely get the job done (many times over).

Depending on where you are, the offerings may vary across brick-and-mortar drugstores, but regardless, Grossman suggests shoppers do some internet research on the brand they are buying to see if it seems reputable. "Beyond that, see if the product comes with a warranty, if it is waterproof, and if it requires batteries or is USB rechargeable."

To take out some of that legwork, keep reading for Grossman's selection of the best drugstore vibrators. (And if you can't find any at your local drugstore, you can absolutely purchase online below.)

Keep reading for the best 4 drugstore vibrators, according to a sex-toy expert.

1. Dr. Laura Berman Rotating Stella Massager, $40

Thanks to the swirling action that this vibe offers, it will hit you in all the right places. It has an angled head and ribbed design, and its five different vibration and rotation options will make you feel like you're trying something new every time you get it on with yourself.

Shop now: Dr. Laura Berman Rotating Stella Massager, $40

2. Butterfly Kiss Vibrator, $10

For only $10, you can get three speeds of clitoral and G-spot stimulation with this rabbit-style vibrator. Plus, it comes with "fluttering butterfly wings" that are meant to "tease and tantalize," which sounds pretty damn appealing to me.

Shop now: Butterfly Kiss Vibrator, $10

3. Inspire Flickering Arouser, $60

Get off and give back with this clitoral-suction toy, every purchase of which supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a non-profit for women living with breast cancer. It offers tongue-style flicking action, and 10 speeds for you to enjoy.

Shop now: Inspire Flickering Arouser, $60

4. Dazzle Xtreme Thruster Rabbit, $49

This vibrator seems to have it all: 12 different settings, a ribbed shaft (that's curved to hit your G-spot), a clitoral-tickling element, and three rows of beads on the shaft for a little added texture. What's more? It spins, which means it will get you going from all different angles.

Shop now: Dazzle Xtreme Thruster Rabbit, $49

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