These 15 Expert-Approved Finger Vibrators Will Make Hand Play Even More Buzz-Worthy

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Whether in the form of anal fingering, willy wanking, honey-pot pawing, or nipple tweaking, fingers play a huge supporting (or starring!) role in sex. Since fingers are typically more dexterous than other body parts (like a penis, for example) and cannot transmit the vast majority of STIs, finger and hand sex are high-pleasure, low-risk ways of getting off. And for those aficionados of finger freaking, your play can be upgraded with the addition of a finger vibrator.

Experts In This Article

Never heard of or shopped for a finger vibrator before? Read on. We asked sex educators to explain what finger vibrators are good for, what separates the great finger vibe from the mediocre, and share their top picks on the market right now.

Best finger vibrators at a glance:

What is a finger vibrator?

Given that G-spot vibrators stimulate your internal hot spot and anal vibrators buzz your backdoor, you’d be forgiven for assuming a finger vibrator stimulates your finger. But in this case, the finger designation refers to how the vibrator is supposed to be held or positioned, explains sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, host of the Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast and expert with Lovehoney. “Finger vibrators are vibrators that are designed to be worn on your fingers,” she explains.

The shape, size, and placement of these digit diddlers varies greatly product to product, notes Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of Early to Bed, an education-focused sex shop in Chicago. Some slide over your finger like a ring, some sheath the entire length of your digit like a finger cot, and some nestle between your fingers. But no matter their shape, “these vibrators allow you to use your hand to masturbate or pleasure your partner as you normally would, whilst getting the added sensation of vibration,” she says. And these small products are typically very easy to integrate in the bedroom.

What are the benefits of finger vibrators?

Like any other type of vibrator, finger vibrators offer the ability to sensate at a speed, intensity, duration, and duration that the human body is not anatomically able. However, finger vibrators come with their own unique perks you won’t see in other vibrating sex toys:

1. They’re easy for beginners to use

Finger vibrators are sleek and small and do not need holding onto (since they slip over your fingers), making them easy (and not intimidating) to incorporate into any sexual or sensual activity you’re already doing, says Dr. O’Reilly. If you typically touch your own or your partner's clitoris during penetrative intercourse, for example, a finger vibrator allows you to enact the same motion in order to add in a higher-intensity sensation, she explains. Similarly, if you enjoy giving your partner a full-body rub-down, doing so with a finger vibrator on your hands can elevate the sexperience.

2. They can upgrade hand sex

Like the idea of fingering in theory, but in practice find that it feels like your body is being probed by pokey alien fingers? Dr. O’Reilly says combining a finger vibrator with open communication about your likes and dislikes may help. That’s because the sensation of the toy can disguise the poking and prodding, while also allowing your partner to facilitate feel-good vibrations no matter how their fingers move.

3. They can also be used during oral intercourse

“A finger vibrator is also an obvious choice if you want to take your oral game to the next level,” says Dr. O’Reilly. If performing oral sex on a penis, she suggests using a finger vibrator to stimulate the inner bulb of the penis via the perineum during oral sex. Meanwhile, if you’re performing cunnilingus, a finger vibrator that sheaths your entire finger (like the FemmeFunn Dioni) can be used to stimulate the hot-spots in the vaginal canal, while a smaller clitoral finger vibrator (like the Dame Fin) can be used to stimulate the vulva while your mouth gets to work teasing the the perineum or vaginal opening.

4. They’re fairly accessible sex toys

Most sex toys—like wand vibrators, stainless steel toys, and anal beads—require that you hold them in place (which typically involves grip and arm strength). While very few sex toys are hands-free, finger vibrators act as a close second in that they sit in your hand or fingers without requiring that you actually hold onto them, explains Deysach. “This also means that finger vibes are a great choice for people who have trouble holding onto more traditionally shaped vibes,” she says. (Say, folks with disabilities, or who have conditions that impact hand mobility like arthritis.)

5. They can be used during an STI flare-up

Kudos to you if you make a point to ask a potential partner’s current sexually transmitted infection (STI) status before stripping to your skivvies! Using a finger vibrator if your partner tests positive or is having a flare-up may be a great way to give and receive pleasure in a risk-aware manner, says Marla Renee Stewart, sex educator, expert with Lovers, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide To Seduction and Foreplay.

So long as you don’t have any open cuts or hangnails, hand sex, in general, is a very low-risk sexual activity. But using a finger vibrator allows you to provide additional orgasmic stimulation beyond what your hand alone can provide, she says. (You may choose to protect yourself further by also wearing a finger cot or latex sex glove, and be sure to wash your hands after play to keep from transferring their sexual fluids to your own genitals or mouth.)

6. Finger vibes are non-anatomically shaped

No doubt, pleasure products that resemble anatomical body-parts can be a hot way to live out certain fantasies, or re-create a similar sensation to a past pleasurable memory. However, some people prefer to steer away from toys that look like a penis, for example, due to trauma history with the body part, gender dysphoria, sexual preferences, or because they induce a feeling of inadequacy or comparison.

For folks in any of the latter groups, a finger vibrator is a good category because they are rarely crafted to mimic the look of a particular set of genitalia. Rather, they’re designed to fit on your fingers or in the palm of your hand and can work with a diverse set of preferences and body types.

What to consider when buying a finger vibrator

Just as there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about what kind of bling should go on your finger, there aren’t any about what your finger vibrator should feel or look like. Still, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before investing in the vibrator you’re going to use:

1. Material

Dr. O’Reilly says you should always keep material top of mind when shopping for any kind of sex toy—including finger vibes. “As far as finger vibrators are concerned, that means you’ll most likely opt for a body-safe silicone version,” she says. (ABS plastic, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel are all body-friendly too.)

2. Fit

“When shopping for a vibrator, you may try to look for one that is compatible with your finger and hand type,” says Stewart. While some people may like the feel of the tightness around their finger, other people may not, and should opt to have one that goes in-between the fingers for comfort instead,” she says.

Note: Most finger vibrators that fit over your entire digit, or secure onto it like a ring, come with size and dimension recommendations. Keep your ring size and hand shape into account when buying one of these options. Just like a pair of jeans, if the vibe doesn’t fit you simply won’t wear (er, use) it.

3. Power source

All of these vibrators have to get their vroom from somewhere. “Some finger vibrators are battery-operated, while others are rechargeable,” says Stewart.

There are pros and cons to each. Typically, rechargeable vibrators provide higher-intensity, more rumbly vibration compared to battery-operated options, Stewart says, thus making rechargeable ones a better option for individuals who crave more intense stimulation. Meanwhile, battery-operated options don’t need to be recharged after every use, and are much less likely to die mid-session. Just make sure you have extra batteries hanging around!

4. Your intended use

“You’ll also want to consider how you plan to use the vibe,” says Dr. O’Reilly. If you’re planning to use the toy to stimulate internal vaginal hot spots, for example, you’ll want a toy that slides over your finger, rather than one that nestles between them. (The vibrators that nestle between your fingers ergonomically can’t go inside).

Meanwhile, if you are hoping to use a finger vibrator for anal play, you’ll need to be super careful. “Small finger vibrators that can slip off are generally not recommended for anal play,” says Dr. O’Reilly. That’s because the anal canal doesn’t have a bodyguard (like the vagina’s cervix) to keep toys from getting lost inside the body, she explains. Translation: Flared base toys only, fam.

Sadly, very few finger vibrators have the flared base required for anal insertion, according to Stewart. But there are a few exceptions, which we note on this upcoming list.

5. Texture

If you have previous experience with textured sex toys or love ribbed or dotted condoms, Dr. O’Reilly recommends picking a finger vibrator that is textured. “These work well for individuals who enjoy combining the sensation of being rubbed and vibrated against at the same time.”

The best finger vibrators on the market, according to sexperts

1. Best finger vibrator for beginners

dame fin finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Dame
Dame, Fin Finger Vibrator — $65.00

If your dream finger vibrator could be best described as “small” or “easy-to-use,” look no further than the Dame Fin Finger Vibrator.

About the size of a dried apricot, this vibrator sits between your fingers, making it perfect for external stimulation. “[It] is engineered to augment natural touch and can easily be integrated into whatever you’re already doing with your hands,” Alexandra Fine, sexologist and co-founder of Dame previously told Well+Good. It also has an attachable finger strap that can be used to double-secure the toy in place on your fingers.

Material: Medical-grade silicone
Dimensions: 2.75 in x 1 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery life: 90 minutes


  • Fun colors
  • Finger strap can be removed for comfort for larger fingers
  • Very small and non-obtrusive


  • Buzzy, not rumbly, vibration
  • Only three different vibration settings available

2. Best for vaginal penetration

dioni finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of FemmeFun
FemmeFun, Dioni — $80.00

If you get off on vaginal penetration, look no further than this toy, which effectively transforms your finger into a vibrating dildo. The vibrating sheath, which is shaped exactly like a finger, slides down your digit, turning it into a five-inch penetrator. It also doubles the girth of your finger, allowing you to provide the size and sensation that two fingers (or a phallus) provide with just one finger.

This toy is also fairly versatile, as it can also be used for external stimulation or held in your hands rather than over your finger. The textured ridges along the top half can feel really good when the wearer rubs their finger up and down while the vibrations are going. However, it may take a little getting used to, as the finger and vibrator combo is heavier than your finger alone and thus can feel a little clunky.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 4.67 x 1.38 inches (S); 5 x 1.53 inches (L)
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery life: 1 hour


  • Waterproof
  • Available in two different sizes (small and large)
  • 20 different vibration modes available


  • More obtrusive and oversized than some people may prefer

3. Best for anal stimulation

gender x flick it finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of GenderX
Gender X, Flick It — $72.00

As mentioned, most finger vibrators are not safe for anal play. However, one model is an exception: The Gender X Flick-It.

A two-pronged simulator, the Gender X Flick-It features a longer stem that slides over one finger, transforming it into a vibrating dildo. There is also a short stem that has a flickering attachment that moves like a tongue. Together, the two stimulators can work together to stimulate your vaginal canal and clitoris (much like a rabbit vibrator). It can also work to stimulate your internal anal canal and perineum.

No matter which hole you choose to fill with Flick It, be sure to use a hearty amount of water-based lubricant. Without proper lubrication, the tongue can feel a little irritation on your skin, while when properly moist it actually feels like a mouth.

Material: Silicone/ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 5.37 x 3.21 x 1.53 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable


  • Anal-safe
  • Flicker tongue attachment replicates cunnilingus
  • Shaft contains textured ribbing
  • Nine different vibration and flicking speeds


  • Bulkier option compared to other finger vibrators
  • Product girth makes it best for intermediate and advanced anal play

4. Best clitoral suction finger vibrator

ns novelties inya finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of NS Novelties
NS Novelties, INYA Finger Vibrator — $52.00

Clit suction vibrators are another category of pleasure products that use suction or air pulsing technology to create sensation similar to that of someone sucking on your most sensitive parts. While most of the toys in this category ring up at nearly $200, the INYA finger vibrator from NS Novelties offers a far more budget-conscious way to try the tech.

The four-inch clitoral suction toy is attached to a silicone ring that slips over your finger; the toy’s sucker uses pulsating air to coax your clitoral glans into orgasm. There are 10 different suction settings that you can choose from, so whether you like your oral teasing or intense, there is an option right for you.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 3.27 x 1.65 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable


  • Affordable way to try suction
  • 10 different vibration settings


  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  • Not designed for penis play

5. Best budget finger vibrator

evolved fingerlicious vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Evolved
Evolved, Fingerlicious Vibrator — $44.00

Finger vibrators may be smaller than most vibrators on the market, but some models come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you’re watching your spending but still want to experiment with pleasure products, consider trying the Fingerlicious Vibrator.

The vibrating, baby blue toy (which kind of looks like a thimble) isn’t just nice on your bank account, it’s nice on your body. “It fits perfectly on the pad of your finger and by far is the easiest to use because it’s incredibly intuitive,” says Deysach. The body-safe silicone feels smooth against your most sensitive areas, while the ribbed tip adds interesting sensations to amp up your pleasure. Plus, it offers an impressive 10 different speed options. “I also love the fact that it’s completely submersible, so playing in the shower/tub/pool is always an option for you,” she says.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 2.94 x 1.59 x .92 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable


  • Budget-friendly
  • 10 different vibration speeds
  • Fits over pad of finger (rather than whole finger)


  • Not suitable for deep internal vaginal stimulation

6. Best affordable suction finger vibrator

shegasm mini 12x silicone clit stimulator
Photo: Courtesy of Shegasm
Shegasm, Mini 12x Silicone Mini Stimulator — $30.00

“The Shegasm Mini Stimulator is another mini air pulse toy that straps right onto your finger tip,” says Deysach. No bigger than a Ring Pop, “it makes it super easy to use on your own body and very portable as well.” The best part is that the hole that air pulses out of is more than half an inch wide. While this may be too small for some anatomies—such as those with testosterone-induced bottom growth—it will fit a wider range of clitoris shapes compared to many regular sized clit suckers. Plus, it’s hard to argue with that price!

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 2 x 2.2 x 1.25 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable


  • Very travel friendly size
  • Air hole is 0.6 inches wide
  • 7 different intensity and speed options


  • Unnecessarily gendered name

7. Best for external play

yumi finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of VeDo
VēDo, Yumi Rechargeable Finger Vibrator — $44.00

This cutie patootie may look more like a video game character than sex toy — but you’d be a fool to snooze on it. The main body of the toy is rounded and smooth, but the top features a tiny pointed nub. This combination means the toy can be used to stimulate the entire vulvar mound or external clitoris, or just the most sensitive cluster of nerves, depending on your preferences. Some pleasure-seekers may also like the way the pointy top feels against their nipples, or head of their penis.

Other standout features include a very quiet (but powerful) motor with 10 different vibration settings. It’s also waterproof, which is awesome for any bath or shower play you might be inspired to try.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.57 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery life: 1 hour


  • Simple, one-button controls
  • Unique shape enables a range of sensations
  • 10 different vibration settings


  • Not meant for internal use

8. Best finger vibrator for dual stimulation

jimmyjane dual gripp
Photo: Courtesy of JimmyJane
JimmyJane, Dual Gripp — $80.00

If you enjoy the sensation of internal (vaginal) fullness, the JimmyJane Dual Gripp should be your pick. This uniquely-shaped sex toy has two separate prongs jutting out from the finger attachment; the longer prong is for internal stimulation and the smaller prong will rest along your clitoris. Each stimulator contains its own motor, which means both pleasure-rich zones are getting the attention they deserve. There are five different vibration modes to cycle through, each with five speeds, so you can fight the exact right setting for you.

The toy is ergonomically designed such that it’s easy to use on yourself while laying on your back solo. But it also works well during any partnered play where your partner is behind you, such as spooning sex, leaned back reverse cowgirl, and standing doggy-style.

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Dimensions: 3.97 x 3.81 inches
Power: Magnetic USB charging
Battery life: 1 hour


  • Two motors
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Dual stimulation
  • Finger grip fits a wide range of finger shapes
  • Great for masturbation play


  • Tricky to use with a partner

9. Best multi-purpose finger vibrator

rechargable finger tease vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Early to Bed
CalExotics, Rechargeable Finger Teaser — $30.00

If your interest is piqued on finger vibrators, but you’re not ready to go all in, consider getting the CalExotics Rechargeable Finger Teaser. This toy is actually two separate parts: a bullet vibrator and a silicone finger sheath, explains Deyach. The bullet vibrator can go into the sheath, effectively turning the get-up into a finger vibrator. “There is a strap attached to the sheath that holds the toy in place, and the silicone outer has a bend at the tip so you can concentrate the liberations right where you want them,” says Desaych.

If you don’t end up enjoying that sensation, you can repurpose the bullet vibrator on its own, or in a strap-on harness for example. And it’s only $30. Three cheers for options!

Material: Silicone/ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 3 x 0.75 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery Life: Up to 60 minutes


  • Bullet vibrator can be removed from the finger case
  • Silicone sheath is textured
  • Impressive 10 different vibration options


  • Short battery life compared to other options

10. Best for penis play

lelo tor 3
Photo: Courtesy of Lelo
Lelo, Tor 3 — $159.00

Technically speaking, the Lelo Tor 3 is a C-ring (formerly known as cock ring), not a finger vibrator. But the band of the toy is made out of stretchy silicone that can be pulled to fit two to three fingers inside. Twist the vibrating nubbin in place, and you can use it to stimulate your partner’s genitals or your own.Notably, this two-in-one vibrator has vibrations that are far more rumbly (and less buzzy) than some of the other toys on the list, making it a good object for people who are easily overstimulated.

As I wrote in my stand-alone review of the product, I personally like to slip two of my own fingers through the ring, drape my hand over external hot-spots, and let the vibrator bring me to orgasm. I also regularly use the Lelo Tor to stroke my penis-owning partners to orgasm. Not only does this technique add variety into my sex life, but it also gives me a way to play when my mouth is out of commission (thanks, dental work) or with someone who doesn’t know their current STI status. Plus, I like that the toy excels at its intended use as a c-ring, too.

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Dimensions: 1.84 x 087 x 2.4 inches
Power: Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 2 hours


  • Rumbly vibrator
  • Intuitive button position
  • 8 powerful settings
  • Can be controlled via the Lelo app


  • May not fit some individuals’ fingers correctly
  • Expensive compared to other options on this list

11. Best for rumbly vibrations

wevibe pivot
Photo: Courtesy of WeVibe
We-Vibe, Pivot — $129.00

Another penis ring that works over-time as a finger vibrator is the We-Vibe Pivot, which comes highly recommended by Dr. O’Reilly. “Its vibrations are deep and rumbly—certainly, much more so than most finger vibes you’ll find on the market,” she says.

As with the Lelo Tor, Dr. O’Reilly says the stretchy silicone ring that is designed to go over a penis or dildo can also go over a few fingers to transform into a finger vibrator. The vibrating portion of the toy is slightly bigger than many other c-rings, which is what enables it to provide deep, rumbly vibrations.

This shape will also serve you well if you choose to use the ring on a phallus during penetrative play, as the increased surface area increases the likelihood that you’ll get the clitoral stimulation you (likely) crave with each thrust.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 1.22 x 2.79 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 2 hours


  • Waterproof
  • Good battery life compared to other options on this list
  • Can be controlled with the We-Vibe app
  • Low power alert feature


  • Ring may be an odd size for some peoples fingers

12. Best small finger vibrator

fun factory be one finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Fun Factory
Fun Factory, Be One Finger Vibrator V2 — $70.00

Photos don’t do this finger vibrator justice—it is even smaller and less obtrusive than it looks. About the size and shape of a pinkie finger, this ABS-plastic vibrator fits between two of your fingers, essentially giving you a sixth finger that vibrates.

“The ergonomic design allows you to take your time and carefully stroke your hand and the vibrator across someone’s body,” says Stewart. “It has four different vibration intensities that allow you to go with the flow of your lover,” she says. As a bonus, it comes with its own unique carrying case and travel lock so that you don’t have to worry about it collecting dust between uses. It’s also small enough that it can rest between your labia to stimulate your whole clitoris, adding a whole new dimension of fun to solo play.

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 2.84 x 0.79 inches
Power: Rechargeable
Battery life: 1 hour


  • Incredibly small
  • Waterproof
  • 4 different vibration settings
  • Very quiet
  • Comes with a travel case


  • Material feels less giving and gentle than silicone toys

13. Most powerful finger vibrator

hot octopuss digit finger vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Hot Octopuss
Hot Octopuss, Digit — $87.00

With the Hot Octopuss Digit, you can give mediocre hand sex the finger… literally. Designed to be outfitted to your middle or pointer finger, this finger vibrator has a unique contoured shape that allows you to stimulate your body or someone else’s, with a variety of sensations. Indeed, whether you prefer pinpointed stimulation or broad stroke touch, you’ll have access thanks to this toy. (And the motor provides a super powerful, rumbly sensation that you might not expect from so small a toy.)

The ring that goes around your fingers is made of metal, which makes it feel much more securely attached than you’ll feel with silicone rings. The only downside is that the ring doesn’t have much give and may be too tight for individuals with mitts.

Material: Silicone, plastic
Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches
Power: USB Rechargeable
Battery life: 40 minutes


  • Contoured shape allows you to stimulate a range of different hot spots
  • Rumbly vibrations
  • 5 different intensity settings
  • Stays in place on finger


  • Disappointing battery life
  • Finger bands may be too tight on large-fingered folks

14. Best alternative finger toy

sensory fingertips. toy
Photo: Sportsheets
SportSheets, Brat Sensory Fingertips — $15.00

If you’re not a fan of vibration and are looking for an alternative to enhance your finger play, consider trying this non-vibrating toy instead. “The sensory fingertips are a non-vibrating way to turn your hands into a delicious sensation toy,” explains Deysach. Once popped on your fingers, you can rake them gently across your lover’s body, helping stimulate non-genital erogenous zones like the back, scalp, thighs, and butt cheeks. “You can also make them more intense by just applying a little more pressure,” she says.

Material: Manganese steel iron
Dimensions: 3.25 x 0.75 inches


  • Non-vibrating sex toy
  • Can be used for sensory play
  • Rounded tips for intensive and gentle options


  • Not ideal for use on genital areas
  • May not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone

15. Best liquid finger vibrator

lelo bijoux indiscrets slow sex liquid vibrator
Photo: Courtesy of Lelo
Lelo, Slow Sex by Bijoux Indiscrets Finger Play Gel — $19.00

This listing isn’t any ol’ finger vibrator; it’s a bonafide finger liquid vibrator. A collaboration between luxury sex toy companies, Lelo and Bijoux Indiscrets, this arousal gel is designed specifically with hand sex in mind. Made with a combination of aloe vera and other moisturizing ingredients, the gel works overtime as a vulvar moisturizer, lubricant, and stimulator.

The Finger Play Gel can either be used on its own, giving your hands extra slide and glide as they work your length or labia. Or, it can be used in combination with the other finger vibrators on the list, helping to keep the silicone toy from sticking to your skin. (The gel has an aloe and water base, making it compatible with silicone sex toys and condoms).

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Aroma, Sodium Saccharin
Size: 30ml
Shelf life: 6 months


  • Tastes and smells vaguely like coconut
  • Safe to ingest in small amounts
  • Compatible with silicone toys and latex barriers


  • Not a replacement for lube
  • Has fragrance (so test on sensitive skin before using)
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