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We Promise—These Sexpert-Approved Flavored Condoms Won’t Taste Anything Like Latex and Lube

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Ah, the flavored condom—a tried-and-true novelty contraceptive found in bachelorette parties and gas station restrooms, alike, but not something people *really* use in the bedroom, right?

Well, why not? Thanks to innovations in condom development, gone are the days of overpowering latex scents, nauseating fake flavors, and plastic-y lube smells. These tasty treats can bring some real flavor to the bedroom, keeping both parties safe and satisfied. "Some are very tasty and sweet," says sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, sexpert for Lovers, a sexual wellness brand. "They make oral sex more fun and flavorful [while] protecting your mouth from STDs or STIs."

But before you run down to the local drugstore to pick up a pack of mouth-watering rubbers, Stewart says to keep an eye on the ingredient label. Like anything else you eat, do your due diligence before you get down and dirty. One major red flag may be latex. If you have a latex allergy, stay far away from these flavored condoms. Depending on your body and your tolerance, other red flags could include the flavoring, spermicides, or scents.

Also worth noting: "Most flavorful condoms contain glycerin or glucose, which is another name for sugar, so if you're a person that has to stay away from sugar, you should probably not use these condoms," says Stewart. Plus: "Flavored condoms are full of artificial ingredients, so if you have a hard time ingesting those, then you should stay away from them.”

Should you decide to proceed, we’ve rounded up a slew of sexpert-approved options below.

Stock your nightstand with the best flavored condoms


Trustex Flavored Condom — $1.00

These are Stewart’s all-time favorite flavored condoms, hands down. “They taste like the flavor they say—not a watered-down version of it,” she says. “They make oral sex fun, and the colors are also unique and vibrant.” Try grape, strawberry, or if you want something sweeter, vanilla.

Lifestyles Assorted Flavored Condoms — $1.00

Stewart also recommends these flavored condoms, which you can buy individually on Lovers’ website. “They’re great if you don’t like them as sweet, as their flavor and the sugar content are less than some of the other brands,” she says. Fruit flavors include strawberry and banana.

Durex Tropical Condoms (Pack of 12) — $8.00

First and foremost, they’re designed to maximize pleasure and safety. But they’re also fun, thanks to their bright, vibrant colors and fruity flavors like orange, strawberry, and apple.

Glyde Premium Organic Flavored Condoms (Pack of 10) — $16.00

If you want to go the organic route, you can’t go wrong with Glyde. They’re made from a blend of plant extract and sustainably sourced latex that’s free from any parabens and chemicals. And the flavors? Each pack includes fruit favorites like blueberry, wildberry, and strawberry, plus black licorice and vanilla.

Pasante Tropical Condoms (Pack of 12) — $7.00

Transport your tongue to a tropical getaway with a dozen condoms inspired by your favorite beachy fruits like coconut, pineapple, and mango.


Trustex Neopolitan (Pack of 24) — $19.00

The sexier version of the classic, triple-flavored ice cream. Each pack comes with three iconic flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Only thing missing is the whipped cream.…

One FlavorWaves Condoms (Pack of 12) — $9.00

Never scour through your bedside table for a condom again with this nifty tube that fits perfectly in your most discreet storage spots. This variety pack includes dessert-worthy, sugar-free flavors like chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate, bubblegum, and banana split. Talk about tasty.

Glyde Organic Vanilla (Pack of 4) — $17.00

These vanilla-flavored condoms are natural, sweet, and oh-so-satfisying. Like all Glyde products, these are made from natural latex blend that’s flavored with organic extracts, not sugar.

Vitalis Chocolate Condoms (Pack of 24) — $14.00

If chocolate is more your thing, add this box of chocolate-flavored condoms to your cart. They’re also made from natural rubber.

Fantasy Assorted Flavors (Pack of 12) — $6.00

Can’t settle on sweet, minty, or fruity? This pack makes choosing easy, as it includes six different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry, grape, and banana. So you have a little bit of everything at your disposal.

Trustex Cola (Pack of 12) — $6.00

These soda-flavored condoms will have you popping, fizzing, and bubbling in a different way.


Trustex Mint (Pack of 24) — $18.00

For fans of that refreshing mint flavor, we recommend Stewart’s suggestion—Trustex. The brand makes this fresh, clean condom that, true to its name, can be trusted for performance and taste.

One Fresh Mint Condoms (Pack of 24) — $15.00

These pocket-friendly condoms taste as good as they look. They’re made from a straight, smooth latex that provides a natural feel, as well as a fresh mint flavor.

Pasante Mint Tingle (Pack of 12) — $7.00

These minty condoms are tasty and tingly, giving you just the right amount of flavor without going overboard. The smooth, rubber latex is also coated in a spermicidal lubricant.

Best flavored dental dams

Satin Assorted Latex Dams — $2.00

These fun latex dental dams will protect your sensitive parts from STDs and STIs without sacrificing the pleasure. They’re made from ultra-thin latex that won’t disrupt any sensation during oral sex. And the flavors? Choose from grape, vanilla, strawberry, and spearmint.

Line One Labs Strawberry Dental Dams — $2.00

You and your partner will enjoy a burst of berry thanks to these sensational dams. Each 6×8-inch sheet gives you FDA-approved protection without compromising any pleasure. Also available in mint, vanilla, grape, and banana.

Glyde Sheer Dams (Pack of 24) — $50.00

Never run out of dams again with this pack of 50, formulated in not-your-average flavors. Think: cola, vanilla, wildberry, strawberry, all made from a smooth, natural rubber latex.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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