6 Slow-Build Foreplay Ideas From a Sexologist—Because It’s Absolutely Worth Your Time

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With the help of the best foreplay ideas, everyone can enjoy benefits that can ultimately make for a more pleasureful sex experience. And that's important to know because no matter what stage in of a relationship you're in, it's easy for foreplay to get cast to the wayside.

When you're in a long-term union, for example, the element of having easy, immediate access to your partner(s) can counterintuitively lead to a near-total stagnation of sex. After passing the honeymoon phase often marked by all-the-time sex, it's easy to settle into a hardly spontaneous routine of lazily peeling off your leggings and sweatpants for quickies, or even scheduling sex to make sure it happens period. And if you're in a brand-new relationship, where the sex is so exciting and regular, you might not have the patience for foreplay.

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Whether you're stuck in a routine or too excitedly impatient to let anticipation build, doing so can increase desire and the whole sexual experience. With the help of the best foreplay ideas, you'll be able to heat things up in a new and exciting way.

Don't know where to start? Sadie Allison, PhD, sexologist and co-founder of GoLove CBD lubricant, is here to share her best foreplay ideas that you can try for slowly building sexual energy. (But of course, no judgment if you'd rather just beeline to your orgasm.)

The 6 best foreplay ideas for slowly building a hot sexual energy

1. Get out of your bedroom

"Start a slow strip tease while making dinner, or call your partner into the bathroom after you’ve taken a shower or while you’re still in the bath," says Dr. Allison. "You can even try using unexpected household items in sexier ways: Use a rolling pin as a body massager, a spatula as a spanker, or blow on sensitive areas through a straw to create a new type of sensation play."

2. Read erotica

Think of this as a gateway for exploring fantasies and slowly slipping into a steamy atmosphere.

"Mention to your partner that you’d like to try something new, and when you’re both comfortable—dig in together," says Dr. Allison. "You can try playing different characters or pausing in between paragraphs to ask your partner what they think. Either way, you’re sure to not only leave yourself enough time to get sufficiently warmed up, but to also learn something new about your partner."

3. Use breathwork, because breathing can be sexy

If you're already using breathwork techniques for falling asleep and lowering your anxiety, why not also explore it as a foreplay idea? To do so, simply adjust your breathing pattern to ease or heighten the moment in whatever way you see fit.

"I’d suggest finding an option that suits the mood you’re seeking—would you like to slow your heart rate and calm your mood, or pick up the pace of things?" asks Dr. Allison. "Breathwork can help you get out of your mind, forget your stressors, and focus on your body and the current moment—all aspects that tend to lead to more rewarding and pleasurable sex."

4. Sext each other (even if you're in the same place)

Texting can summon the power of nostalgia and help you access the old butterflies-in-stomach feelings you may have had in the beginning of your relationship—and that can be alluring. "Rekindling these emotions can be an awesome way to help spark some excitement, especially if you’ve grown accustomed to each other’s company," says Dr. Allison. "While you and your partner are in separate rooms or...on different sides of your studio apartment, try sending a gentle text and easing into a flirtatious back-and-forth, remembering the early days of your dynamic."

"From separate rooms or...on different sides of your studio apartment, try sending a gentle text and easing into a flirtatious back-and-forth, remembering the early days of your dynamic." —sexologist Sadie Allison, PhD

5. Use remote-control sex toys inside the same house

"Similar to the notion of sexting in place, playing with remote-controlled toys while in the same home can be a fun way to make the everyday a bit more exciting," says Dr. Allison. You can have your partner go into a separate room while you're wearing one, and have them surprise you with different vibration speeds and patterns.

6. Incorporate CBD during foreplay

Some days the chaos of the world will have you feeling a little distracted—but CBD lube might just help you relax and get ready for some welcome pleasure.

"The anti-anxiety properties of CBD will help reduce any stress and ‘take the edge’ off, allowing for more relaxed foreplay, more ease and exploration," says Dr. Allison (who runs a CBD lubricant company). "Quality water-based CBD lubes are now available for erotic mutual masturbation, and they can also be used for body massage. Allow 15 minutes to let the CBD absorb and take effect, so take your time."

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