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‘I’m a Makeup Artist, and These Are My Favorite Glossier Products’

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Unless you've been living off the grid for the last seven or so years (in which case, I'm so jealous, and how do I join you there?), you're likely familiar with Glossier. Its product drops have been awaited with bated breath since before Kylie's lip kits, before Rihanna's Fenty foundations, and before zillions of other celebrities and influencers launched extremely successful makeup and skin-care lines. These days, the buzzy line now includes a lot of makeup and skin-care SKUs, which begs the question: what are *actually* the best Glossier products?

Of course, the answer to that question depends on who you ask, but when you're talking makeup, there are few sources with opinions more valuable than professional makeup artists. Below, two of them—celebrity makeup artists Cara Lovello and Alexandria Gilleo—share their Glossier faves and offer a bit of insight into why each one is a makeup must-have.


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The 4 best Glossier products, according to makeup artists

Photo: Glossier
Boy Brow — $16.00

Covello says this is probably Glossier’s best-known product, and for good reason. “Everyone loves a good full brow, and this product helps you push up what you’ve got, so you can use less product to fill in,” she says. “Unlike a traditional brow gel, Boy Brow is a creamy wax and gives brows a soft, flexible hold.”

Photo: Glossier
Glossier Ultralip — $18.00

“Ultralip is one of those products that’s good for everyone to use, even if you aren’t a makeup wearer,” says Covello. “It’s a moisturizing lip balm [made from meadowfoam, jojoba, and watermelon oils] with buildable color and a glossy look.”

Photo: Glossier
Cloud Paint — $18.00

Both makeup artists endorse this product, which means it’s a pretty safe bet for those hesitating to add-to-cart. Covello, who’s a big fan of cream blushes generally, describes it as having a “soft blur effect,” which she says aids in the appearance of flawlessness.

Gilleo, meanwhile, particularly loves Cloud Paint for its abilities as a multitasker; she uses it on her lids, cheeks, and lips. “The colors are ridiculously lightweight yet buildable, and I get a really nice natural glow when using Cloud Paint—it leaves you with a nice flushed look, like you’ve had a bit of sun,” she says. “Even though the shades are subtle, they look equally as flattering on both a natural bare face and a full glam face of makeup.” Plus, she says, a little goes a long way, so your tiny tube of Cloud Paint will likely last you a while.

Photo: Glossier
Skywash Sheer Matte Lip Tint — $18.00

This lip tint is also beloved by Gilleo because she says it’s a silky smooth and blend-able color that’s easy to apply and “melts into skin.” Plus, she says, you can create a sheer wash of color with this tint or build it up/layer it for a more intense hue. “Terra is my favorite shade, and I like to apply it as a shadow and sometimes as a liner,” she says. “I only use a small amount for shadow, and I blend it out with my finger.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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