7 of the Best Hair Oils To Add to Your Cart This Winter

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The year is 2021, and it's time for self care to go beyond just skin care. With cabinets filled with shelfie-worthy face soaps and serums, I'll be the first to say that my hair-care routine is seriously lacking. When looking for a post-wash product, hair oils are often not the first thing that comes to mind, and yet a little bit of the right kind of oil is necessary to keep your hair looking and feeling hydrated.

The most common mistake that hairstylist Lauraine Bailey sees is clients thinking that you use hair oil to hydrate hair. "Oil acts like a seal and will seal in any moisture that is applied to hair," she says. "If your hair is dehydrated and you use oil...your hair will continue to feel dehydrated." As such, Bailey tells me that it is very important to use hair oil after the shower or when your hair is already wet.

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Another common mistake is the use of oil directly onto the scalp. "We have sebaceous glands which produce a slightly acidic oil. This oil lubricates the hair strands closest to the scalp," explains Bailey. She recommends concentrating a hair oil on the ends of the hair to prevent damage and not over oil your hair. With all that in mind, these are the seven best hair oils on the market right now.

1. Bread Hair-Oil, $24

best hair oils
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This multi-purpose oil has mastered the art of giving your hair that right-off-a-magazine-page gloss while still being silicone free. The product is delicate enough for everyday use, and with hints of Australian Kakadu Plum, it smells amazing. Founder, Maeva Heim calls the hair oil, "a lip gloss for your hair."

Shop now: Bread Hair-Oil, $24

2. OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil, $32

best hair oils
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This oil works to both protect your hair and moisturize your body, making it the perfect jack of all trades to grab on the go. With a blend of rosehip oil, shea oil, and absinthium oil, the product restores moisture and adds a dewiness to both hair and skin, while also smelling incroyable.

Shop now: OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil, $32

3. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, $56

best hair oils
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Oribe has been a fan-favorite hair care brand for years. If you're wondering why the proof is in the, er, oil. The Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil delivers damaged hair from breakage. Made with vitamin E, olive oil, shea butter, and a blend of essential oils, the product smooths and softens while adding moisture throughout.

Shop now: Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, $56

4. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil, $28

best hair oils
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We've all been told not to "judge a book by its cover," but I will admit that Olaplex's chic, minimalist bottle was what initially lured me in me, but I keep coming back to it for the techy formula. This highly concentrated, sulfate-free, color-safe oil is nearly weightless so it won't flatten your curls as it repairs, strengthens, and hydrates your hair. It also serves double duty as a heat protectant up to 450°F.

Shop now: Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil, $28

5. Ouidad Mongongo Oil, $38

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Infused with oil from the mongongo nut and blended with coconut and a whole host of essential oils, this product absorbs quickly and smells amazing. Made for curly hair, it helps restore a natural sheen and wave pattern. When given the option to rate the product out of five stars, one Ulta reviewer wrote, "I would give this 6 stars if I could."

Shop now: Ouidad Mongongo Oil, $38

6. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, $40

best hair oils
Photo: Ulta

With over 68,000 "loves" on Sephora's site, this cult classic is perfect for anyone with a thicker hair texture. The six-oil blend helps to condition, soften, and hydrate dry hair while the UV filters in the oil work to protect against the drying effects of the sun.

Shop now: Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, $40

7. As I Am Scalp Care Oil Treatment, $15

best hair oils
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For dry and itchy scalps, Bailey loves the As I Am treatment with 1.8 percent salicylic acid. Made to soothe itching and prevent flaking, the treatment is a great go-to when it's your scalp that needs a little extra TLC.

Shop now: As I Am Scalp Care Oil Treatment, $15

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