This Pomade Makes My Ragged, Bleach-Ravished Hair Look Sleek and Polished Between Haircuts

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Out of all the products that have spilled over from my side of the bathroom to my boyfriend’s, I most regret giving him the Jillian Dempsey Roadie Pomade ($28). I suppose I should’ve known better than to relinquish the stuff; I’m continually impressed by the brand’s formulas (try the cheek tints) and would never give those away. The pomade, however, is categorized as a men’s product—which initially threw me off.

I’ve always believed “gendering” a product means pretty much nothing, though, which is why, one frazzled morning when my hair was particularly uncooperative, I rummaged through bae’s medicine cabinet and gave Roadie a go.

He certainly likes it, particularly for the way it smells—fresh, bright, and with hints of lemongrass. He’s also fond of the formula’s flexible, malleable hold. Lastly, since it’s a solid stick, he loves how easily he can throw it into a Dopp kit without thinking twice about TSA. (Good hair on the go is always a good idea, right?)

All of these things are true. But the reason I personally love it? It’s proved to be a multifunctional godsend for my specific hair issues, which range from dryness, straggliness, and a general rugged appearance—courtesy of bleach jobs and wine-fueled haircuts I’ve given myself over the course of the past year.

The instructions suggest warming the pomade in your hands first before doing anything else. I do find it the way to go in most cases, particularly when I want to give my hair a piecey-yet-polished look—intentionally messy; “French girl,” if you will. I skim some off the top of the stick, rub it between my fingers, and rake it through my hair, focusing primarily on my (frayed) ends. Sometimes I’ll go back for another swipe of pomade and re-up on my ends, which makes them look sealed, hydrated, and freshly cut.

For sleek updos, I use this pomade like a glue stick to my head, rubbing it along my hairline and anywhere I see stragglers—which, because of all my bleach-related breakage, is a lot of places. A few artfully-placed bobby pins later, my hair looks perfectly placed and stays that way all night sans flaking.

Lastly, I love knowing that I am nourishing my hair when I use Roadie. Like the rest of Jillian Dempsey’s product line, it’s vegan and made with transparently-listed ingredients. Argan kernel oil and sandalwood oil star as two of the main players, for instance, while beeswax gives the product body and that flexible, non-greasy hold that I love. Needless to say, this product is now officially a shared one in our bathroom.

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