Hundreds of New Healthy Foods and Drinks Came Out in 2019—These Are Our 10 Favorites

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One of the biggest perks of being a healthy food reporter is without a doubt being one of the first to know what's about to hit grocery stores. Every day, soon-to-be released healthy foods and drinks are sent to the Well+Good offices for us to try and potentially write about.

I can't promise you that everything we is particularly exciting or delicious, but sometimes, we are legit wowed. (And suddenly very popular with hungry colleagues asking to get in on the snacking.) Rounded up here are the 10 new foods and drinks Team Food at Well+Good (myself and our senior food and health editor, Jessie Van Amburg) became obsessed with this year.

Scroll down to see the 10 best healthy food and drink launches of 2019.

minna tea
Photo: Minna

1. Minna sparkling tea, $36 for 12

"Sorry seltzer, but I can say with authority that this is one of the favorite drinks of the Well+Good offices," Van Amburg says of her favorite drink launch of the year. "Think of it as the best possible marriage between iced tea and your favorite sparkling water. The brand makes three different flavors of sparkling tea with lots of flavor, quality ingredients, and no sugar." Plus, they're pretty.

best healthy foods hippeas tortilla chips
Photo: Hippeas

2. Hippeas tortilla chips

Chickpeas are seriously taking over the healthy food scene, so get ready to see them being used in downright genius ways in 2020—like in the new tortilla chips from Hippeas, which just launched on December 18 exclusively in Whole Foods. The tortilla chips are made from chickpea flour, and they're a hit in Van Amburg's book. "They taste impossibly close to regular tortilla chips, but offer more fiber and protein per serving. They're my new favorite salsa and guac companion!" she says.

Pop & Bottle oat milk lattes
Photo: Pop & Bottle

3. Pop & Bottle collagen- and adaptogen-infused oat milk lattes, $17 for three

For the past couple years, I have been the weird wellness girl who literally carries around collagen packets and a little jar of ashwagandha so I can supercharge my oat milk latte at my local cafe. Discovering Pop & Bottle's canned oat milk lattes, already souped up with my favorite add-ins, literally made my jaw drop. There's no gums in it either so you're getting the benefits without any unwanted extras.

purely elizabeth
Photo: Purely Elizabeth

4. Purely Elizabeth quinoa oat cups with collagen, $35 for 12

Can you tell I like collagen? These Purely Elizabeth oat cups are great in part because the collagen they contain doesn't have any weird aftertaste. As an added bonus, each cup has flax and chia seeds, which give extra protein and fiber.

teton waters ranch blended burgers
Photo: Teton Waters Ranch

5. Teton Waters Ranch blended burgers

I eat meat, but I care a lot about where it comes from. I'm also on a constant quest to eat more plants. That's why I was pretty intrigued when I heard Teton Waters Ranch was coming out with a "blended burger," half grass-fed beef, half mushroom, used to cut down on the amount of beef used. It turns out mushrooms taste a heck of a lot like beef when seasoned properly. These burgers are delicious and are now a mainstay in my freezer.

best healthy foods mike's mighty good ramen
Photo: Mike's Mighty Good

6. Mike's Mighty Good instant miso ramen, $17 for seven

It took a while, but packaged ramen finally got its glow-up and is no longer the sodium bombs we all grew up eating. I tried a lot of "healthier ramens" this year and Mike's Mighty Good was the best tasting, IMHO. It's organic and the noodles are steamed instead of fried. And it's still ready in minutes!

Les Trois Petits Cochons sous vide egg bites
Photo: Les Trois Petits Cochons

7.  Les Trois Petits Cochons sous vide egg bites, $15 for six

Eggs are my go-to healthy breakfast, but even though they only take a few minutes to make, in my mind it's so. much. effort. But these new sous vide egg bites are ready in just one minute in the microwave and they taste amazing. The texture is fluffy and velvety; they taste like something that would be in a French restaurant.

perfect bites
Photo: Perfect

8. Perfect snack bites, $62 for eight

I've taste-tested my way through the massive number of protein bars on the market and Perfect is one of my favorites. But one bar are sometimes more than I need, which is why I was a fan when they came out with these little bites earlier this year. The tub is resealable, so you can have a few creamy, protein-rich bites and save the rest for later. My mom friends like keeping them on hand for their young kids, but I use them as a post-workout snack or to quell 4 p.m. hangry feelings.

peckish eggs
Photo: Peckish

9. Peckish boiled egg and seasoning duos, $27 for six

As previously stated, I love eggs. When these duos from Peckish came out this year, I couldn't believe how simple-yet-genius it was. Inside you'll find a hard-boiled egg (which is free range, BTW), and a little seasoning tub. A sample of some of the seasonings to choose from: maple waffles (crispy quinoa with a maple glaze and salt), fried rice (crispy quinoa, green onion, tamari, and carrot flakes), and everything but the bagel seasoning.

bubble hella
Photo: Bubble

10. Bubble Hella, $27 for three

This rich, hazelnut spread has half the sugar as Nutella, but somehow is even more delicious. Its only three ingredients: hazelnuts, coconut sugar, and cacao. I consider myself a pretty generous person, but I refused to share my Hella with anyone, instead hoarding it and eating it in secret. I recommend eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon.

That's a wrap on 2019. Here's what wellness trends you'll see everywhere in 2020. And these are the best cooking tips we learned the past 12 months.

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