These Inflatable Footrests Take the Pressure Off Your Back and Spine—A *Must* if You’re Traveling Long Distances

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Being short has its advantages—until it's travel day. Not being able to reach the overhead bins or the cabin seat lights are just the beginning of short people problems. Once I'm seated, I find my feet awkwardly dangling from my seat. While not the biggest of deals that my feet can't touch the floor, my legs go numb and my back tends to hurt during longer flights, even after stretching. Luckily, that's where inflatable footrests jump in.

Similar to a poofy ottoman, inflatable footrests position your legs into a comfortable position, taking the pressure off of your back and spine. When purchasing a footrest for travel, look for ones that can inflate and deflate quickly, so that you can quickly set it up before it's time to board, and then pack it back up when it's time to land (the last thing you probably want is to spend *more* time sitting and waiting to get to your destination).

We scoured the internet for the best inflatable footrests for short travelers. Scroll down below to find the best of every budget, material, and size. Inflatable poofs to the rescue!

The best inflatable footrests for short travelers

sunany inflatable footrest
Sunany Store, Inflatable Footrest — $25.00

Weighing just shy of a pound, Sunany’s inflatable footrest is lightweight and can be compressed into a small drawstring bag, making it travel-friendly. It boasts two valves, the top for inflating and the bottom for deflating. All you have to do is blow to inflate and push the valve to deflate. What’s more, it can even be adjusted to three different heights.

Colors: 3


  • Features two valves
  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Comes with case


  • Bulky

Best Budget

myfon inflatable footrest
Myfon, Inflatable Travel Footrest (Pack of 2) — $15.00

For the price, Myfon’s inflatable footrest gets the job done right. Not only is it easy to inflate and deflate, the footrest is made of a soft fabric for ultimate comfort. After deflating, it only weighs 0.4 pounds. Plus, you get two for the price of one (goodbye, soggy legs).

Colors: 2


  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Affordable
  • Pack of two


  • One valve
  • No carrying case

Best Style

qilloway inflatable ottoman
Qilloway, Inflatable Round Ottoman — $20.00

Qilloway’s inflatable round ottoman will have you flying in style. The circular shape and outdoor-treated cover makes this ideal for the airplane floor. Not to mention, this one comes in 11 fun patterns and colorways.

Colors: 11


  • Has a handle
  • Comes in 11 colors and patterns
  • Outdoor-treated cover


  • Cover is separated from cushion

Best for Couples

styddi inflatable footrest
Styddi, Inflatable Footrest Cushion (Pack of 2) — $17.00

If you’re hitting new destinations with a loved one, consider Styddi’s pack of 2. Lightweight, portable, and featuring a two-in-one nozzle—what’s not to love? It takes between one and two minutes to fully inflate the cushion (so just make sure to plan ahead), but once it’s blown up, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Colors: blue and grey


  • Pack of two
  • Lightweight
  • Big nozzle


  • No carrying case

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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