This 10-in-1 Kitchen Gadget Is All You Need to Cut and Peel Every Fruit Under the Sun

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A unique kitchen gadget is my weakness. It doesn't take much to convince myself that I need yet another newfangled tool. Clip-on strainers, lemon zesters, veggie keepers—you name it, it's in my cart. Admittedly, some of these gadgets do little more than collect dust after purchase, since old-fashioned way of doing something is sometimes the best way. But there's one impulse buy that I've actually been putting to good use every day.

At a glance, my new Fruit Slicer Set ($15) looks like a puzzle. With all the different parts and bold colors, there's a lot going on. But it solves more problems than it creates—promise! Once you actually break it down, it becomes clear that the 10-in-1 gadget is just as utilitarian as it is pretty. Each tool is designed specifically to helps you cut, peel, and slice any type of fruit like a professional chef.

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Here's what you get with our new favorite kitchen gadget, the Fruit Slicer Set:

  • avocado scoop
  • fruit masher
  • apple cutter
  • citrus cutter
  • fruit mesh cuter
  • lemon squeezer
  • a fruit bowl
  • fruit grater
  • orange squeezer
  • little fruit forks

Phew! My favorite is the mesh cutter for soft fruits like kiwi, which are notoriously annoying to peel! Sure, it might seem a little excessive, but considering this kitchen gadget keeps everything neatly stacked, it might just be the best purchase you'll ever make.

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