Our Leggings Drawers Are Stacked but the Best 2019 Launches Had Us Making More Room

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"What's one more pair of leggings?" Those will probably be my last words as my dresser bursts open because it can't take one more piece of athleisure stuffed inside of it. The excuses to buy more always seem so legit. Because you can wear leggings anywhere you go, you can never have too many (regardless of whether your dresser begs to differ). The best leggings of 2019 gave us so many reasons to have drawers stacked with spandex and when you look at the most covetable launches from the past year, you'll definitely agree with me that your collection could use some additions (trust).

In honor of this, we're rounding up the best leggings of 2019. They include everything from Insta-worthy prints to utilitarian pocket placement, sweat-wicking materials, and sustainable fabrics. There's even a pair of leggings that make your workout even harder. Keep scrolling for our faves, and, y'know... make room in that leggings drawer.

1. Gaiam Om Mesh Yoga Leggings, $37

If you're on a quest to find leggings that will never, ever show crotch sweat, we've got you. This pair by Gaiam will keep the perspiration of your nether-regions a secret, no matter how hard your workout is.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Gaiam

2. Alternative Apparel Cotton Modal Printed Legging, $54

Sustainable everything is taking over (thank goodness), and so the time has come for more eco-friendly activewear... which includes your leggings. Alternative Apparel adheres to the fair labor association guidelines and uses recycled materials, low impact dyes, and water-conserving washes.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Alternative Apparel

3. Madewell x Outdoor Voices 3/4 Warmup Leggings, $75

When two of our favorite brands—Madewell and Outdoor Voices—joined forces, they brought us really cute workout pants that just had to be purchased. Snag 'em while you still can.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Madewell

4. Aerie Play Pocket High-Waisted Legging, $23

I live by the credo that everything you wear should have a pocket. Leggings with pockets are here for us, so you can run, do yoga, or hit up Pilates with convenient storage for your keys and other essentials.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Aerie

5. Strut-this Teagan Legging, $54

In 2019, lavender became the new millennial pink—and so light purple activewear started popping up everywhere. I've had my eyes on these Strut-this leggings, which are high waisted and in a color wave that will keep getting more popular.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Strut-this

6. IFG Fit Women's Align Leggings, $128

Fitness technology has become so advanced that there are now posture correcting bra and leggings that you could wear. Yes, it's a thing, and we've tried them out to see what the fuss is all about.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: IFG Fit

7. Good American The Core Strength Legging, $129

Leopard leggings have been having a moment, and Good American makes a pair in a fun purple and blue hue that takes the classic print to the next level.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Good American

8. Adam Selman Sport Hi-Rise Legging, $135

This year, we were #blessed with an athleisure line by celeb-adored designer, Adam Selman. His Sport collection features the cutest prints and flattering shapes, like these high-rise leggings in a bandana design.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Adam Selman

9. Agogie Women's +20 Resistance Pants, $130

These workout pants add a layer of resistance over your muscles through built-in resistance bands (seriously). Read all about what happened when one of our fitness editors tried the Agogie leggings in a workout.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Agogie

10. Lululemon x Barry's Black Reveal Precision Cut, $118

In 2019, Barry's Bootcamp introduced a collaboration with Lululemon (cue heart-eyes emoji), which features leggings like these with really chic cut-outs for more airflow.

best leggings of 2019
Photo: Lululemon

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